1. MikeKB says:

    You are and always will be my HERO ! LOVE that clip of you body slamming SHAQ !

  2. Julius James says:

    I have much respect towards you as I see you as one of the few objective analyst in your field, hence the reason why I am writing to you. It has to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers situation. In my opinion the cavaliers problem is with Lebron James and the management organization. Here is why. Lebron is a great basketball player. He is also extremely arrogant and must have his way. Tape will show Lebron’s dis-respect towards all his coaches. Mike Brown, when he refuses to huddle when the coach designs a play. Using his shoulder to slam into Eric Spoestra in his first year, almost throwing him to the ground because Eric criticized his play. Then trying to take over the team and forced Wade to call a a media conference to say he was the captain of the team and not Lebron. Pat Riley more than likely met with Lebron and had a conversation with him one on one because soon after these incidents his attitude and behavior changed. He returns to Cleveland and showed that same level of dis-respect towards coach Black and management never intervened. That game against Golden State was a sabotage to ensure his dismissal and it can be proven using Lebron’s very words. Kyrie and Lebron hogged the ball and seldom shared it with their team mates. Lebron later stated after the two wins later that coach Black stressed passing and sharing the ball, which he said they did and was the reasons for those wins. If do, then why was that method never applied in that game against Golden State. They did so against the Spurs and it was a hard tight fought game, even though they lost. My suspicions, coach Black probably diplomatically criticized him in some way and he decided to get even.No one can honestly explain the huge gap loss. Period. Also, like you said coach Black was setup to fail. He could not discipline Lebron by benching him. Management would not stand for that and Lebron knew such. That stripped the coach of his decision making powers and the players saw, knew and took advantage of that and followed Lebron rather than the coach. However the one ingredient that the other analysts fail to notice is that bad habits are hard to break. This team has a bad habit of playing selfishly with Lebron and kyrie, especially Kyrie not sharing the ball with his other team mates and it will surface time and time again. That is the reason why numerous times the other player simply go through the motions and never put themselves in a position to receive the ball because numerous times in the past when they have done so the never receive the ball. Wanted to share this insightful information with you. You are the one analyst that honestly speaks objectively about the players, their attitudes, and the true reasons for losses. Most of the others are more concerned about bring politically correct and trying to save their jobs rather than them being totally objective about the game in order to promote the integrity of the sport.

  3. John says:

    Chuck says the other teams can not and should not try to ‘outsmall’ the Warriors. Hey Chuck, it’s not like they haven’t tried leaving their bigs – to no avail. That’s precisely the reason why they’re forced to try to match the Warriors with their own small lineup.

  4. You are one of the few broadcasters that just throw it out there and say it like it is. You also bring humor and fun to the discussion. You are usually spot on in your analysis. I love hearing what you have to say at halftime segments or any other time I’m able to catch you.

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