1. SimoniaMeChelle says:

    Charles you are awesome on screen! You make TNT worth watching. America loves you & I absolutely love to see u on everything you appear on! Whitehaven/Memphis Tn.

  2. SimoniaMeChelle says:

    I’m watching the Michigan & Virginia, That Travis Trice is hooping! I’m enjoying this game already. It was cool seeing Magic in the stands too! Thanks Charles . Whitehaven, Memphis Tn.

  3. Stuart Matthew says:

    Charles is the best on TV. Always brings knowledge to the game. With the funniest humor! I just have two questions for the Brutally Honest Charles. Why does Duke get to drive to the First Two Games every NCAA Tournament? When every other Team flies. Every Freaking Year. ……may as well Play in Cameron. It’s a joke……..
    2nd ….Why won’t anybody bring up the Scandal at UNC. They shouldn’t even be in the Tournament. Period. 2 decades of cheating. 54 players under Dean Smith. 133 players under Roy Williams. I cannot believe you don’t even bring it up. You talk about both Coaches as if they are Gods. Both should be stripped of their Hall of Fame. With the talent these Teams had they should have way more National Championships…….it’s ridiculous. And I should know. I lived through the UNLV Tark Era. He was 10 times a better Coach then both of them. Without All-Americans. And the NCAA up his Ass for 20 years! Proved it . The NCAA paid him 2.5 million. So…..why the silence Charles?

  4. Stuart Matthew says:

    Maybe it’s because Tark and UNLV beat the crap out of Auburn on National TV when Charles played there lol………but I still love Charles! !!’!

  5. Larry kyle says:

    I lov your commercials and your commentary

  6. J. Holmes says:

    Love your approach and comments on the game. I find it interesting and stimulating. You project an internal honesty to
    the viewers. Please ignore Kenny and his remarks. He attempts to overcome his communication deficits by degrading
    you. He should continue his speech and projection classes. He will feel better about himself! Take care of yourself
    Charles! Enjoy your life..

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