1. Gladys Martinez says:

    Way to go Charles! America knows you’re joking. It’s all in good fun!! I enjoy watching you, Kenny, Shaq and Ernie. You’re show is the best. I’m from Texas and have lived in San Antonio. Keep it up and stick with it. NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY!!!

  2. peter martz says:

    Charles barkley is the Donald sterling of the nba/tnt. what he thinks is funny is what sterling thinks is ok in his private talks.the nba wants sterling out of basketball they should include barkley. when barkley played he was all bark and no bite. just spiting at little girls.never won an nba long as barkley is on the show we will change channels and see the game when it starts or turn off the sound and turn on the radio. don’t drag tnt down because of a loser like barkley.

    • tavy chapo guzman says:

      You got that right.buddy he talks and make fun of Mexicans and its funny that went some one talks or make a joke about black people tgey get offended. Your are joke barkley

  3. Rafiq Dawood says:

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all moms around the world!!! We love you so much as your children and appreciate everything that you do! Women mothers are amazing the amount of work they do everyday in life is crazy and they truly are superwomen! Another point, I love you Chuck for everything you do on Inside the NBA cause you the best and funniest NBA analyst ever watched and seen. Just keep being honest, real, and speak whatever’s on your mind without saying sorry!!! Thanks Chuckster!

  4. Marty says:

    I just watched the pistons special on there championships in 1990. Did all teams watch this 30 30 special?

  5. Adam Kuznet says:

    Way to go Charles no need to apologies. Are we so stuck up in this day and age that we can’t tell a joke.
    really people we all need to relax and grow up…

  6. Reynaldo Rodriguez says:

    What up Charles?

  7. Reynaldo Rodriguez says:

    What up Charles? Go spurs Go……Ginnooobliii…lol good work bro.

  8. Doris Lair says:

    You go Charles, don’t let the politically correct change you. I love you just the way you are. I always watched the suns when you were there. AZ gal

  9. Vknows says:

    Charles Barkley no class….talks about San Antonio, Texas about fat women… Take a look at his own family…I would not talk too much….

  10. Please Mr Silver. Do not let the regerees control the game too much. They are wihstle happy. Check out the foul descrepency in the Okalohoma CIty Clippers game tonight. I bet the thunder shot twice as many fouls. This is stupid, it ruins the flow of the game.

  11. Mike says:

    Go Charles, you don’t need to apologize for insulting women any more than does Donald Sterling for insulting blacks. Me ‘n LeBron James have a lot in common. Neither of us will play professional basketball next year until something changes. Oh, and I really like the way Michael Jordan admitted in his book to hating all white people. You guys are great. Thank God that black basketball players never have to be held accountable for insulting people due to their race or sex. It’s like, you’re above it all cuz you suffered, man. It’s white guys like me that gotta watch our mouths, because slavery existed 200 years ago. Glad you made all of that perfectly clear. Stupid fat women anyways…

  12. william thurlow says:

    Charles has no class none

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