1. jeraldson says:

    Mr. Barkley doesn’t the Clippers owner have the right to say whatever he pleases. Did you speak up years ago when Sharpton condemned whites for the rape of a young black girl,, which turned out to be not true. Did you speak up when Ali became a draft dodger, refused to defend America but wanted to stay in America so he could make money. How many professional basketball players defended this country. Have you ever uttered a racial remark or made a racial joke. years ago a big deal was made of not having enough black players and coaches, do you now feel that more white players should be brought into the league even if it means affirmative action for whites.

  2. Anthony Johnson says:

    I’ve supported and watched the NBA for decade’s. I’ve purchased game tickets, NBA merchandise and has been a long contributer to viewership. Which all those have made the NBA richer. But I will not watch nor support anything NBA related until something quick and decisive is done about that ignorant man that owns the Clippers organization. The Clippers are not my team but, I’m on the team of people who believe in equality. I will do everything I can to spread my stance to other NBA supporters through twitter, Facebook and word of mouth. All I can say is there is no place for racism anywhere anymore. DO SOMETHING QUICK commissioner.

    *love you guys at inside the nba*

  3. dustin says:

    completely agree that all sterlings comments are not acceptable anywhere in todays society.

    on a different note though, I do not like how espn has protected themselves against any controversy by removing people like Isiah Thomas from their broadcast when he was all over espn prior to sterlings comments being leaked. I’m of course referring to Isiah’s racist comments towards Larry Bird. Both are wrong, sterling’s comments were made in private, Thomas’s on national t.v. Imagine If there was a tape recording of Isiah’s personal conversations at the time he made the Larry bird comment that he would be just another player if he was black. I don’t think either should be allowed in sports. This isn’t’s 2014. Racism should be colorblind. It is in my eyes and I would like to see punishments EQUAL regardless of color. Racism obviously still exist. Hopefully we can all eradicate it together as humans.

    Please don’t misconstrue this in anyway as support for sterling, I wish that this type of person didn’t exist in our lives today but unfortunately they do. I support any and all punishment he may receive.

  4. Tyrone Chandler says:

    The NFL wouldn’t let Rush Limbaugh buy the St Louis Rams because of past racism. People have the right to say and do what they want to in there own home.

  5. Aditya khosla says:

    If you can’t make him sell the team then why don’t the players refuse to play for him? Or play out the playoffs and before the next buyout of the contract and forfeit all money and hit the free agency next year… The players will make their money.. Refuse to play for Donald as long as he is an owner and all other 29 teams should boycott playing there as long as he owns it. Wouldn’t that work?
    P.s. I had my $$ on you for the fight!! Thank you for backing out and saving my $$$ lol

  6. tony says:

    sir charles is correct in agreeing with mark cuban. you cannot take away one’s property because of their ignorance. once you cross that line then it becomes subjective to interpretation. kenny is way too emotional to talk bout this subject and not thinking from an outsider’s perspective. if the nba begins kicking out owners and forcing them to sell teams because of their opinions, beliefs, racism, political affiliation, religtion, etc, then that would defy everything this country stands for. what the nba should do is suspend sterling indefinitely and help him broker a deal to sell the company. if sterling resists, the nba should offer him more money on top of the clippers sale price to get rid of him. this is all subject to sterling agreeing to sell the team but money talks. a billion dollars would do it. however, sterling could be a stubborn old man who will stand up for his beliefs and fight this but in the end his pocketbook would hurt. everything is about money in this world. get real kenny and stop letting your emotions speak. shaq and charles appear to see this clearly and calmly.

  7. Hasan Oztas says:

    Chuck, we love you and enjoy your presence at all TNT NBA shows. You are genuine, sincere a good guy but sometimes you say things that makes me scratch my head. D. Sterling’s recent comments are just bad and in poor taste. We are angry, He will be punished, no doubt, but then after discussing these unfortunate situation you say to EJ “Hook me up with Dale Earnhardt, I figure you’all white guys know each other” well Chuck, like I said we love you and laugh with you, Just think for a moment if D. Sterling were to say to Shaq, “hook me up with Jordan, I figure you’all black guys know each other” in my opinion, he would again be punished (more like public hanging style) for saying that. Here is my humble point, As long as we show sensitivity, racism will continue to live in our society. People can say what they think, be as ignorant, but also people have a choice to be or not to be associated with those who say such stupid things. I chose to listen to you and enjoy your comments, stupid or not. I am also choosing (STARTING by Next Season) not to watch any team that D. Sterling is part of….. Your fan, always!

  8. Joel says:

    Hey Charles,
    Even with Sterling’s past this seems odd to me. I’ve been away this past week, so I’m catching up by reading and my understanding is that the events are being investigated. It hasn’t been proven from my searching. Everyone is ready to string him up without proof of his guilt. Also, it seems odd that it got out and blew up tainting a great first round bunch of series. I’m sure it is something that Mr. Silver would rather have released and handled at playoffs end and after findings of proof. But what if it was someone bitter and all set for revenge and all of it was false? What if it was someone wanting to disrupt the Clippers team to help make sure that they lose to Goldenstate?What if it was to go beyond that to make players and or coach want to leave and tear the team apart? Some devout but sick Lakers fan angry that his/her team is overshadowed by the once lowly Clippers wanting to change the course of their success? Lots of possibilities, After watching Jimmy Fallon show do a fabricated rap song of pieced segments of News anchor Brian Williams I am very skeptical if this situation because of how well it was done. Anyway, I think that we need to not be too quick to judge until all facts have been thought out and checked out. Does anyone benefit from these allegations?
    What if I judged and said that you were guilty of something because CNN put mug shots on of you during your interview with them on this subject?
    I know they were of you from a while back after getting a DUI.

  9. star baker says:

    I have been reading a lot of comments from SEVERAL websites where people are making comments like, “he can say whatever he wants to say, he was in the privacy of his own home” and “so what black people say racist things too” and let me not forget this one, “she baited him into saying this and is now extorting him” The scariest part about these comments is that there were a LARGE number of people that are confused or simply just don’t get it, or can’t think deeply.
    Black people are not upset that this man hates or dislikes black people. Black people know that several races don’t like them, even some with the same color of skin and or race ******NEWS FLASH THEY ARE VERY AWARE!!!**** It is not about that. It is about the fact that this man that dislikes a certain race so much and believes that they are beneath him, should just wash his hands with that race and be done with it. Be honest and open about the way that you feel and go and live your happy, black people free life. What the black people are more upset about, and rightfully so is the fact that this man hates them, then uses them and then to simply put, throws them in the garbage with the rest of his trash. It’s one thing to hate them and not associate with them, but it’s another thing to bait these people in with your high dollar contracts, just to make more money off of them, then use them as pawns in a chess game to make himself seem philanthropic, then also use them as his entertainment for the night, THEN after he is done with them for the night, he spits and pisses on that individual/individuals and that is exactly what he has done. And that is what black people are upset about. Not only do you not like them, but you are going abuse them also. Sometimes I sit and think what did they do that was so wrong to be treated in this manner. It’s the same concept of bullying. What did that “weird” looking kid do that was so wrong for you to walk up to him and punch him in the nose? It’s the same mentality that Sterling is displaying. These attitudes/mentalities fightingly mirror each other. What did they do so wrong… to be so…so…subhuman. It is just sad that in 2014 a woman 1 year shy of 30 is laying in her bed crying about something like this. To see those players play yesterday was heart wrenching. To “work” for a man that thinks so low of them. (After they have picked his cotton for the day and he has counted HIS profits, he calls them in to dance and sing for him, sleeps with them and then he goes to bed and does it all over again the next day, all while teaching his children and or people he has an influence on to do the same thing) People not seeing this as a problem is a problem.

  10. Deborah says:

    Mr Barkley I think your wrong to believe that a person employeed by a known rasicist has no repercussions Mr CUban spoke as a owner where’s the slippery slope I believe as a private citizen I can say what I want at home. But as an employer no I can’t have the power to employ workers and hold a certain view based on race which by the way is why we have for discrimination laws there must be a time where people stand up for what is right what is descent what is fair 30 members of a exclusive club can’t decide to own a business and know that one is dirty and keep silent this is about black people people of color not about owners running scared for fear of what will happen if they slip up and show a side of themselves that’s not free from racism,free from discrimination they are employers

  11. Michael Roelse says:

    Hello Charles, I am a longtime fan of Inside The Nba. I love the show, but I want to make a comment. Any firefighter will tell you that it takes 3 things for a fire.
    a heat source


  12. Ty Folk says:

    can the NBA put up the money and buy the Clippers, at a price now to get the owner out completely, NOW. Then find a new owner ship?

  13. Gwendolyn Shellman-Williams says:

    Hello Mr.Barkley, I have been a sincere Fan of yours for yrs.You’re an Awesome Basketball player and you also resemble my cousin Reggie:). All jokes aside, my heart really aches from what the Clippers coach spoke against the Black NBA Basketball Players. I Thank you So much for speaking your heart. You made a statement about how different young races of men try to do they’re best and needing a chance to get a start. I have two sons that have been on that road and still are. My oldest son (Jemel32) has been battering Achilles injuries, in his College basketball career. My youngest son JoVaughn 22 is yet playing. My heart’s dream is for them to be given a chance to play or coach NBA Basketball. Can or will you be the one to give them a chance..just once in their life time… Can or will it happen for them? They’re just neighborhood boys in a regular neighborhood. It’s my and they’re dream come true. They are very Respectful role models in their community and my oldest son have an awesome story to share with you. With a Mothers’s heart felt appreciation, Thank you. Sincerely Gwen Williams. May God continue to be with you and your family. I don’t know you personally but I’m Very Proud of You..Stay Blessed;)

  14. Nick says:

    NBA messed up royally today

    I can’t stand Donald Sterling…he is a pig racist!

    But the day in America we take away someone’s ownership because of a difference in personal views (that are horrible or we disagree with) is the day we stop being America!

  15. yolanda says:

    I want to know if Charles is married.

  16. Deanna Martin says:

    I applaud the NBA Commissioners decision, there is no need for racism any where in this world! At the same time, why didn’t NBA Leauge or players stand up to him when he was treating NBA fans with out right prejudice. It also seems to me that he treated the players and coaches as well as other owners! If this tape would not have been published it would have been business as usual for the Clippers. His tenants still suffering.

  17. Randy Martinez says:

    All white people know each other what if all black or fat or gay or all what whatever people know each other

  18. John says:

    Anyone else still waiting for the NBA to come down on Nicks front office man Larry Johnson for his racist comment of forming an all black league?

    Sterling never said the words screw those black people before his racist comments but we all know what was in his heart from what he did say, “Don’t bring them to my game”

    Johnson never said screw those white people but we all know what was in his heart when he said the words “lets form our own all black league”.

    Can you imagine if Sterling was taped saying the words “Let’s form an all white league” ? Banned for life would just be the start! There may be a lynch mob showing up at his house! Jesse & Al would be camped out in front of Sterling’s house and at NBA headquarters demanding his head on a platter!

    Oh right Johnson said it and he is black so it’s cool… Where is the NBA, where are all the up in arms players, where is Jesse, where is Al? Crickets… Not so much as a slap on the wrist for Johnson’s racist comments?? DOUBLE STANDARD. Sterling is a racist idiot, no argument but Larry Johnson getting a pass on what he said is insulting.

  19. Brain says:

    So long Sir Charles…been a good ride, but here is where I get off. You are too full of yourself. Goodbye NBA…i hope it all goes sliding down a cliff. It’s a boring sport…with a bunch of overpaid crybabies. I hate what Sterling said…no one can condone it. But his private conversation was recorded.Had this been a court of law…the illegally obtained evidence would have been thrown out! Case closed. How many millionaires did he create? Whom did he hurt? So…This is a black league? You should be banned for life too! If that statement was true maybe the NBA needs some affirmative action!! Goodbye basketball…nobody needs you anymore!

  20. SS says:

    If the Clips win the title, they should raise an all black flag with the clippers logo, the year and NBA Champions underneith in grey color.

  21. SS says:

    Also I hope Magic Johnson buys the team.

  22. Randy says:

    ” You can’t have this guy making statements like that. He has to suspend him and fine him immediately…. We can not have an NBA owner discriminating against a league that’s…we’re a black league.” WOW sorry Dirk, Hedo, AK47, Jeramy Lyn Pistol Pete, Bird, Nash, Stockton, Rick Barry and sons, you aren’t or never played in the NBA “a black league”. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s racist! Not to mention many other comment from Charles, maybe he should be band from the NBA for life and fined. Oh, but I forget racism or ignorance only goes for crackers’ honkies, white trash, hicks etc.

    • Hasan Oztas says:

      Well Said. it will be ignored as usual though. Today in America, the “racist” applies to whites only. C’omon Chuck, let’s debate this!

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