1. Don Moore says:

    Hey what’s up man knowing how you stress fundamental during your broadcast I wonder if you can help me convince Nike, Reebok or Adidas to make a commercial showing a basketball player playing defense stealing the ball on the cross over or posting up in the paint or three on one break not settling for a three pointer my son plays 7th grade basketball the young guys look at the commercial and only see cross over and dunks

  2. Beverly says:

    It is really awesome that you guys would take time to realize life outside of basketball !!
    Believe it or not, I have been planning a trip to South Africa for 6 months, little did I know
    that all this would be going on during my visit !! I truly can’t believe this !! Please pray
    that I make it back home. I will speak highly of the NBA while over there. I will continue
    to post on
    Love you guys. Thank you for taking time to speak about what is going on in the world.
    I haven’t commented lately, but I’ve been watching you “all the time”. Take Care

  3. Earl Gibson says:

    Hey Mr Barkley , I think that New York knicks need to go back to basics and add a dominant center or power forward like Kevin Love , do you think that this would help in their rebuilding process ?

  4. Earl Gibson says:

    Also I was wondering , who would you like to see the New York Knicks pursue in their rebuilding process ?

  5. Austin sturdivant says:

    Ok with there being so man post players on inside the nba how come Kevin love gets no love he’s head and shoulders above Blake griffin

    • Earl Gibson says:

      There’s no one else who hasn’t retired in the league who is a dominant player besides you Patrick Ewing , Hakeem O. who can take over a game and carry a team . Come on ! Who do you have left ?

  6. kimie player says:

    I tried to explain to my 27 year old daughter that the refs have they favs too . Miami won with the help of the refs , Lebron did foul him , but of course they’re not gonna get the call in Miami. But it was’nt the playoffs or the 7th game in the finals , make the call

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