1. Frederick Oliver says:

    In the upcoming FIBA World Championship I’d like to see Kobe Bryant even if plays limited minutes. Also Jamall Crawford and Stephen Curry

  2. Cian says:

    Oh Charles that was gold. You really have no friggin idea i love it. Keep ranting big fella !

  3. george long says:

    There is no doubt that many of our opportunities and the benefits of living in America are wonderful; although, I’m not certain such things qualify making us the best nation in the world. The real issue is this: there is a metanarrative spoken over the American population as to what America is; and this story, is, in some ways, highly incongruous with the actual operation and choices of those in positions of power. The Snowden event highlights the clashing of the ideal that we speak about concerning our nation as the ‘greatest nation on earth’ and the reality that our words do not often match the ideals and principles that undergird such claims. The crux of the clash stems from what one presupposes greatness is… is it power and the ability to perpetuate a nation’s prosperity or is it the authenticity of acting upon the supposed principles regardless of the cost?
    Snowden’s act illuminates this dilemma and reveals realities that many Americans do not easily acknowledge; or said another way, be weary of simple answers/responses regarding Snowden as they indicate a lack of clarity to see the issues as they are.
    I appreciate your willingness to watch the news in an attempt to become informed, but failing to evaluate your own and others views of the world and incorporate a global hermeneutic from divergent perspectives suggests that your attempts to be informed because of your evaluated national voice will simply reflect Charles Barkley’s own presuppositions.
    Nevertheless, respect for your efforts.

    • Cian says:

      Thats a hell of a reply. The fact remains though that illegal “national secrets” in opposition to the constitution are still illegal secrets. So maybe the constitution needs to be changed if its so important that democratic and supposedly free governments need these powers that supersede our privacy. The worry is always about the slippery slope argument. If they do this then whats next and what if we do have a nasty guy like for example a Silvio Berlusconi getting into power (through a media monopoly which is already in the US) and he uses this stuff like ordering a cup of coffee. Nixon said if its the president doing it then it isnt illegal well sorry but it is thats not for Politicians to decide. Snowden and even wikileaks are presenting us with the facts and especially with Snowden those facts show some illegality within a government therefore the guy shouldnt do a minute behind bars. You cant say we are going to charge you legally according to our constitutional prerogative for an illegal act you’ve have caught us in. Anyway thats the land of the free huh. Im an Aussie anyway so what am i talking about !

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