1. Raja says:

    Ok Chuxtr..what u gotta say about Silver n Black now? U know da Heat got run off dat court last night..our(Spurs)bench is deeper than da Mariana Trench..u better ride down Commerce Street wit all da fat chix! Hahaha! Spurs will win the NBA Finals 2013! U can bet on that..

  2. Sheila Jones says:

    Mr. Barkley,
    First, let me say that the TNT group is, by far, the best in the business–always smart and wonderful. May I ask you, sir, what do you think about the pregame and halftime shows during the Finals? I have been very disappointed with much of the nonsense coming out of the ABC/ESPN mouths. Just wondered what you were thinking of it.

  3. Paul Lincoln says:

    Re: Game 5 of the NBA Championship Series

    Miami Heat did defuced the momentum that is stopping the San Antonio Spurs at their home court. Miami Heat head coach did excellent job making adjustment and improvised the team’s tactic to stop the moment in the first quarter. Game 4 was important game for Miami Heat to regain their confidence to continue the NBA Championship Series. At this time, the Miami Heat has regain their momentum, eventually it will continue for next two games.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Paul Lincoln(John)-Dillingham, Alaska
    yupik native/babyedge

  4. Paul Lincoln says:

    Re: Game 5 of the NBA Championship Series Miami Heat and Antonio Spurs

    I just signed a contract with Fishing Vessel Ka-Se-Ra Geoff Wyman for upcoming 2013 Bristol Bay Red Salmon Season along with my younger brother Otto John. I wanted to fish with him again this year, because I enjoyed commercial fishing last year with him along with his wife.

    We are scheduled to travel to Egegik, Alaska on Sunday, and this might be my last comment for the rest of the NBA Championship Series.

    Yesterday comment I made was based on Game 4 of the 7 Game NBA Championship Series between two good teams, each are Championship caliber. I also want to apologize for being too singular or too pious again, but that is basically norm for me that’s if I don’t watch what I am writing.

    San Antonio Spurs still can regain their momentum at home, that’s if they can overcome yesterday’s defeat. They have at least two more games at home-technically speaking they have an advantage at this point. But the question is, “Can they take advantage the golden opportunity while they are playing at home”. Well if, they don’t answer that question on the court. They might be in big trouble. Well, that’s me who controls the keyboard at this time. I also don’t want to eat my own words. To be on safe side, I just inserted this sentence just in case, if someone bring the subject again.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Dillingham, Alaska
    Yupik native/babyedge

  5. cw tuckness says:

    dear mr. Barkley, im a senior citizen and have never emailed a celeb before, just want to tell you i have always appreciated your take on B-ball. and hope people are treating you well, not to mention the fact we have same middle name. except i go by it,(wade) sincerely me, i live in Mexico now by the sea, retiring and trying my best to be happy.

  6. cw tuckness says:

    oh i forget to tell you i lived in San Antonio for 50 years, wasnt born there but call it my roots.. lol your older friend Wade

  7. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    Same address

    Re: 6th game of the NBA Championship Series

    Well, the Antonio Spurs did regained their momentum at home, but they are heading to Miami Heat home area for next two games. Miami Heat can defend their title and regain their momentum especially with the home crowd. Then again, at this moment, I might have to declare these two teams as, “Two unpredictable teams”, so, basically speaking. I will let future sports commentators and writers start making prediction base on their instinct. Other than that, I will sign off for the rest of the NBA Championship Series. Wish both of the teams for the next two teams.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Dillingham, Alaska
    Yupik native/babyedge

  8. cris martin says:

    Chuck..I love you,but I know you know better as a black man.DUDE you threw a man through a window.But you agree with someone being killed for confronting a stalker. I understand you on the money side, but money aint got nothing with being a real man.BLACK OR WHITE.It aint about evidence. As a man its about RIGHT.

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