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  4. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    P.O. Box 5527
    Newtok, AK 99559
    Email Address:
    June 5, 2013

    Re: NBA Championship Series between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat

    These two teams have earned their spot playing 7 Game NBA Championship Series. I will try my best to be non-bias or non-pious during this championship series, of course, knowing that both of the teams have fans world-wide.

    Western Conference Champions-San Antonio Spurs won their conference swiping the Memphis Grizzlies to reach the NBA Championship Series. Can they repeat again with the Miami Heat? Well, that is a good question? They had a momentum in their conference series, but that momentum might have defused little bit during the Eastern Conference Championship Series. Similar situation happened last year with OKC Thunders, but the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship Series in game 5. I suppose we have to wait and see what transpires tomorrow’s game and try to predict the outcome of the 7 game NBA Championship Series.

    Eastern Conference Champions-Miami Heat won their conference against the Indiana Pacers in game 7 to reach the NBA Championship Series. Well, same thing happened last year playing against the Boston Celtics and they lost their first game against OKC Thunders eventually won the NBA Championship Series in game 5. At this point, the home-advantage was a main factor during the Eastern Conference Championship Series. Maybe somebody can add more comments within the paragraph.

    So, similar scenario may apply during the NBA Champion Series. Well, at the 3 game of the NBA Championship Series-we may know the strength of these two teams.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Anchorage, Alaska
    Yupik native/babyedge

  5. Curt says:


    As long as you have refs calling inconsistently in all pro sports, there will never be a true champion.

    As you said on TNT live; “I know the NBA wants the heat to win” !

    Well that’s exactly the way it looked in the Heat vs Pacers series!

    That’s my opinion along with a lot of my friends!

    Thanks for saying the truth on TNT!

  6. LANZIE says:

    If Miami push the ball, then they will win. This will take Duncan out of the game, making it 5 on 3, or 5 on 4. When caught in the half-court game , Bosh,Wade, and James must run pick and rolls or pops mostly. Gang rebounding is also key.

  7. LANZIE says:

    If San Antonio is to win, they need to somehow force Miami into a half-court game. They also need to run when they can, out rebound them.

  8. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    P.O. Box 5527
    Newtok, AK 99559
    Email Address:

    Re: 1st game of the 7 Game NBA Championship Series between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat

    First of all, I didn’t watch the game yesterday. I did get information from the NBA.COM website. I just glance at the game analysis. I really don’t need to read the whole section of the column, but able to understand by looking at the numbers and percentage of the players’ performance. Well, I was doing the same thing last year.

    I am going to make this comment brief and let somebody add more and it will be a good practice for future sports commentators and writers.

    Yesterdays game did indicated that the strength indicator is going to be close during this NBA Championship Series. Tony Parker did shown his seniority at the last minute of the game regulation and still can generate excitement for the fans as he did when he first played the NBA Championship, and that was a very long time ago for me.

    Well that is all I got for now, somebody add more if they have seen a game yesterday.

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Anchorage, Alaska
    Yupik native/babyedge

  9. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    P.O. Box 5527
    Newtok, AK 99559
    Email Address:
    June 10, 2013

    Re: 2nd game of NBA Championship Series

    Miami Heat came back big on the 2nd game of the NBA Championship Series. Mario Chalmers did contributed on this game, which is very important to keep the moral high. LeBron is the first name, I thought that was his last name. So, from this on, I will have to call him, “LeBron James”. Frankly, speaking long time ago, the military officers called their men on their last name only. Anyone can add more comment.

    San Antonio Spurs-Well, it is one of those days, when the team didn’t show up for a game. That would be a case on the 2nd of the NBA Championship. Both of the teams have three more wins to go, until than we wait and see.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Anchorage, Alaska
    Yupik Native/Babyedge

  10. paul says:

    how parker is calling timeout when green does not have control of ball. should be jump ball and technical foul on parker for yelling at ref.

  11. paul says:

    and why it was not backcourt voilation

  12. Bev says:

    There is no one on this planet like LeBron James. No althlete in history has ever been treated like this man!
    Their needs to be a new kind of award given to him, What a MAN!

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  13. ralph says:

    Can’t take crap frm lebron he is good can say tht. but it shold have been the spurs for real nobly tricked it and then u take big timmy out . man wht was pop thinking .and mr barkley why shaq always trying to bomb u . why cause he gt rings no matter u still the best pwerfrd tht ever played the game wit a ring or wit out one. and shac akeem is the best center in u all time..and he is in the top 5 so are u but he is 2 give u 4 and stay off chuck hater? lol u funnnnny the site chuck keep it up. big fan.

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