1. omar diaz says:

    i agree with kenny and charles roy hibbert is a good defenser but he doesnt have the speed stamina or athleticism 2 guard more than 1 may b 2 players and bosh is a problem but i still love the pacers my man george and granger could get it done if they focuse

  2. Les Payton says:

    I was very disappointed tonight that you all did not comment on the cheapshot delivered by WADE on Stephenson. This could not have been an oversight. It must have been dictated by TNT or the NBA.

  3. Les Payton says:

    Not one comment by your crew on the WADE cheapshot. Shame on you guys. I thought you all were more credible than this.

  4. Bev says:

    Thanks for the compliments to my Heat. However, as much as I respect the Chuckster and his opinions, however,
    I disagree with the Coaches decision not to have Hibbert in the game.

    Bird Man! Bird Man! I hope he keeps showingout!

    Gooooo Heat

  5. Trumane says:

    I have a question only a professional basketball player could answer. Is it not an offensive foul when LBJ drives to the lane and clearly pushes smaller or slower opponents with his off hand. How is that not clearly an offensive foul?

  6. Jimbolayo says:

    The Wade flagrant foul was not intentional him trying to get past Stephenson going high. Far worse and not called was the intentional David West elbow thrown to hurt not reviewed, also not called. These refs are terrible. I long for the days when crews had Mendy Rudolph. Jake O’Donnell was good everywhere except a Celtic game.

  7. Debra says:

    charles you are handsome and I love your honesty but the rock is f-i-n-e

  8. willfull mayhem says:

    hey Charles I got one for you who has the record for consecutive points in a game?

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