1. Steven Aaron says:

    Hey Chuck looks like the lakers should’ve thought about getting getting ZBo hell he puts in more work than Howard

  2. Steven Aaron says:

    Hey chuck looks like to me the lakers should’ve called Zach instead of Howard now that’s grown man business

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Hey Chuck,you should teach Mango and Yoohoo how to jump through those hoops and ride a bike,lol!And leave Ernie alone!

  4. Doniel says:

    I have to disagree with you and Kenny respectfully on the subject of Inclusion when comes to homosexuals in sports. I agree with Bill Russell on this matter of inclusion as he was referring to a race ( European basketball players)There is a difference of being not accepted because of the color of your skin opposed to your sexual preference. Now, in saying that I wont be prejudice towards homosexuals, but I will Stand and day that I disagree with that type,of behavior ad God does. I dont hate the person but I disagree with the sin. But I humble myself as a sinner knowing that the same grace that saved me also save many others.

  5. Massi says:

    I think I need to downgrade my TV to a tube. With this high def I can see the food stains on Chuck and Shaq’s suits….LOL

  6. Deana Magee says:

    I know you and Shaq love sports and believe in professional rehab. You have said you in the past you have helped people start business. I want to open a horse rehab facilty in the horse capital of the United States but need help!!! I have done my research and have a business plan!!! And I know you are a horse lover and love money!!!

  7. Hans-Otto says:

    Your my hero! Just don’t make any comments like; the Nets are going to have a better record than the Knicks. Still has to be seen!
    I always enjoyed those commercials you made with that player from the Miami Heat. Your really a good actor. Perhaps you could be in a movie some day. Your a “Natural”

  8. Hans-Otto says:

    If a player gets hurt, who pays for the medical expenses. The player or the team? H

  9. Hans-Otto says:

    Chuck, wait for the others to make speculation. Then after they do, you make yours. Shaq is your detrement. So now you have to wait. Or you’ll look foolish! H

  10. j hetnandez says:

    You are sexy beast Charles!

  11. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    P.O. Box 5527
    Newtok, AK 99559
    Email Address:
    May 3, 2013

    Re: Playoffs

    After browsing through the playoff scores and I thought I would make a short comment about the current situation with the Chicago Bulls.

    Chicago Bulls were excellent team last year with Jaden Rose on their roster, unfortunately his injury did affect the outcome of the playoffs. Currently I have no clue the strength of the Chicago Bulls, but looking at the series between Brooklyn and Chicago. Chicago Bulls are leading 3-2. I suppose one of these two teams will win their games at the last minute of the game regulation.

    Martin Broozer is from Juneau, Alaska. My heart does tend to lean toward anyone whoever plays which they are in.

    Mario Chalmers is from Anchorage, Alaska and if my memory serves me correctly, I might have ran across Mario Chalmers in Anchorage while he was a young lad. Matter of fact, I did gave him few pointers, and now the kids in Anchorage, Alaska are doing it now. That is breathing exercise.

    Well, nonetheless, the series between Brooklyn and Chicago is very interesting and I suppose the series is now 3-2 in favor of Chicago Bulls. Since, I don’t have an access to cable television. I have to watch Kevin Wells, sport commentator at the KTUU television, for update, also Charlie Sokakais.

    Maybe at the final stages of the NBA playoff series, I will try to make comments like I did last year.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Anchorage, Alaska
    Yupik native

  12. philly says:

    MR.Barkley back when u were in philly, i worked at the pathmark super market on the nite shift around the corner from ADAMS MARK HOTEL on city line ave now u are Bigger then life it self but it still bothets me u would not shake my hand or sign some autografts for my children and i watch u all the time on TNT and all basketball action but it still bothers me til this day and its been over 20 years.

  13. Hans-Otto says:

    Ok, diss is d way I see it! The Bulls win.
    The bulls play the HEAT they beat the Heat so they will play the Knicks. The Knicks win and the Knicks become the NBA Champions. Hurrah. H

  14. victor carbo says:

    Mr. Barkley,

    Being a longtime Dallas Mavericks fan, i was very angered by Mark Cubans botching free agency and letting many key parts go. I believe like the Cowboys, the Mavericks need a gm that has a true track record of success in drafting and free agency. Dirk has been the greatest Maverick ever but i feel its time to let him retire and go young and rebuild..what do you think?

  15. Mark Leyva says:

    In game 1 spurs vs warriors why are some of the warriors wearing spurs towels around their necks?

  16. Paul Lincoln says:

    Paul Lincoln
    P.O. Box 5527
    Newtok, AK 99559
    Email Address:
    May 7, 2013

    Re: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat

    Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer are correct names which I accidentally made a mistake on my last comment.

    When Derrick Rose got injured last year, the outcome of the playoffs did affected the performance of the Chicago Bulls. Now on the first game against the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls did brilliant job winning the first game of the 7 game series against Miami Heat.

    The question is… Can the Miami Heat repeat last years performance against OKC Thunders, when the Miami Heat out performed by the OKC Thunders on the first game of the NBA Championship series? Frankly, I am neutral with this game series, because I know two players are from the State of Alaska. Therefore, I only can say, “Let the nature take its course, we will know the truth at the end of the series.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Anchorage, Alaska
    Yupik Native/Babyedge

  17. Mark says:

    Charles, we all know it! You hate the knicks, you will never, NEVER go for the knicks! Lose like a men and give credit to N.Y!

  18. Lenny says:

    Chuck put your money where your mouth is after that comment you made about the knicks losing. i bet you if i win you have to wear one of walts suits with a milli vanilli wig and if u win i will let you shave my head live on tv

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