1. Chuck was right on this time!

  2. reshaud says:

    Can you hook me up with a pair of your shoes

  3. Elaine Rietz says:

    Saw Charles on AC360 and was impressed by his leadership. He joins Collins in bring a brave leader following his inner compass. He dispelled myths and put information and reason out there. He was also honest about his skepticism that Collins’ future options in the NBA were strong. That only added respect and credibility to his comments about bring openly gay in US pro team sports.

    • james muse says:

      1st—if he is following his compass it must have been broke for along time.
      2nd—I am of the opinion that the only thing achieved by Jason is that I now know he sleeps with men and that I did not need to know nor did I want to..
      3rd–He would not have been signed next year because of the fact his numbers across the board are below NBA standards or acceptance.
      4th—It is more like he escaped out of the closet because he even knows his NBA career is maybe over not because he’s gay but because of my 3rd opinion stated above.
      5th–He did not do this because he is a brave leader (He is not the 1st gay athlete to say so) He stated he is so glad to say he is gay it has lifted a great weight off his shoulders (His words not mine).
      Charles stated the obvious as he normally does. There is no myth to dispel. Nothing to justify so nothing to reason.
      This is my opinion and in this country I am allowed to not only state it but believe it without being crucified.

  4. Antonio Reese says:

    Charles was right on this one. We all have worked or played with a gay guy. Even before the military came out with “don’t ask, don’t tell”, there were gay men and women in the military. They were very open about their sexuality and nobody really cared. They were still treated as equal. And this was back in the early 1990’s. People should not be shocked that players are now taking a stand on coming out.

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