1. Anthony says:

    My son said spurs vs knicks..I’m born and raised in the bx ny!!

  2. The other night, I enjoyed the verbal exchange between Shaq and Chuck when Chuck claimed to be pyschologically superior to Shaq. It didn’t take long for Dr. O to proved that was a false stance, and I started laughing as soon as Chuck’s eyes threatened to roll up in his head, trying to make sense of the question, “What is two-plus-two-plus-two-plus-seven?” When Shaq repeated the question, Chuck admitted, as a cop-out, “I wasn’t paying attention.” By then I was on the floor laughing when Shaq ended the exchange by saying, “Obvioulsy.” Please play the video back. I want to see what I missed, and only heard, while I was rolling on the floor.

  3. Mina Shin says:

    Love it!

  4. Al says:

    Hey Chuck do you know you are doing the Bulls game

  5. kevin says:

    I’ll skip the movie if it’s anything like Shaq’s other movies….. but that was entertaining to watch none the less…

  6. Jay says:

    Miss San Antonio is singing!

  7. If the BULLS had listened to Chuck’s prediction, following GAME 1, they would have taken their jocks off for the last time after GAME 4 instead of playing in a GAME 5 with a chance to win the series.

  8. kinobi Quinn says:

    Chuck, I’m done. how much screen time do you guys intend to devote to knocking each other down? How many highlights do I have to sit through just praying I will get ACTUAL GAME ANALYSIS instead of one of you just talking stuff about the other, obviously prompting a response? I have come to the point that I just change the channel as soon as one TNT analysts talks some bull about another TNT analyst. I try back later, hoping for some basketball insight.

    your whole team has completely abandoned the fact that YOU are a TEAM. you don’t act like teammates. Imagine if you spent this much time knocking people on your team down and publicly ridiculing them when you were playing in the league. Imagine how destructive that would have been. Why is this team any different? why don’t you guys work together to be the best, and build each other up and infuse each other with confidence?? Because you guys, as pieces, don’t fit together. And you’re making it everyone else’s problem.

    By the way, you ‘re the worst, Chuck. I’ve lost count of how many times you took a moment of my time to belittle someone who is less rich, famous, or successful than you, and always in a very public way. That says a LOT about you, dude. You are better than that. Or are you? I’m not asking you to be a role model. Just don’t be dick.


  9. elizabeth says:

    Congratulation on your big accomplishment Charles you are a great commentator,if Kenny,Ernie,and the new comer Shaq leave it probably want be as good anymore.Yall keep up the good work.

  10. Dunk says:

    Chuck destroys Shaq. The contest wasn’t even close. Love it.

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