1. Thomas at VCU says:

    VCU loves Charles Barkley!! You tell it like it is! You’re “HAVOC” in the sports commentator game!

  2. Nicole Bradford says:

    Mr. Barkley, thank you in believing in University of Memphis. I appreciate you going for the underdog. If you ever in Memphis, TN look me up. You are doing a great job.

  3. Kyle Goodson says:

    You need to clean your throat out dog.

  4. Jeff Jorgensen says:

    Your contributions to vcu and many others, is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Its what you do and have done for so many, is not published or known. God bless and thank you for all the many lives you have touched.

    VCU golf team 1990

  5. David Dunaway says:

    Mr. Barkley,
    I love your commentary. You are the best.

  6. Bob says:

    I repect your opinion and love how candid you are. However, your clear bias against the Big Ten is evident. It was the same last year. You are harping on the charge call in the Ohio St-Iowa St game but that was clearly bang bang. If a block, it was by half an inch. You’re better than that Charles. There were calls missed that were a detrement to Ohio St. Be subjective, that:s all I ask.

  7. Priscilla Walters says:

    Kudos to you for your comment about bad ref calls. They really do effect the games. It is consistently called in favor of the top seeds which should not be the case. I’ve noticed that top seed teams Re also on the bonus sooner.

  8. Jd petit says:

    Do you understand that a team that has already beaten a lower seed (see Minnesota vs ucla results ) can not be seen as over rated. Picking Minnesota and Illinois to lose to a lower seed today doesn’t make you a genius. As for the Aaron craft charge call in the Ohio state game- you would have a very valid point if that was the only questionable call in the game. I’m pretty sure there were a few other questionable calls and some of them were even against Ohio state. Some lower seeds in other conferences have already lost( in case you didn’t notice). Sorry you hate the big ten. Educate yourself, your on national tv. Your golf swing sucks. God bless!

  9. Cindy says:

    Would be great if your announcers could try to be unbiased in sdsu vs gulf coast game!! Why do y’all have to be such sheep and jump on underdog bandwagon !!!! Disappointed with TNT!! Expected better!!

  10. jonathan cox says:

    Hey, im not a fan of any of your sneakers but, the Barkley Posites are hot… and im motivated even tho I couldn’t get my hands on any. Im working on some new colorways if your interested ill be waiting for your reply.

  11. Ed Guile says:

    Sir Charles;
    Your disrespect of Big Ten basketball is perplexing. It is clearly the best conference this year. I suppose you also do not think the SEC is tops in football? To be a consistant jackass, you may as well dispute this fact as well. That’s not gong to happen, is it?

    Keep your opinons to yourself and talk about facts.


    Mr. Noopinionandwellinformed.

  12. Matt Haynes says:

    Sir Charles, you made such a big deal on the wrong call that was made during the OSU vs. ISU game. Involving Kraft and his heel being in the restricted area. But yet, you didn’t mention the bad call on the deflection going out of bounds in the Illinois vs. Miami game. Which was clearly off a Miami player. The big ten got a gift and you point that out, but when one of the big ten teams get hosed, you don’t point that out. What gives chuck ????

  13. bob smith says:

    Charles is a moron/liar. He’s a moron because he thinks the big ten is overrated. Also, just a second ago on tnt he said that he had 4 big ten teams in the sweet sixteen, even though he only picked one. Chuck, stick to the nba

  14. JT-N-Cbus says:

    While being a huge fan of the tnt broadcast crew I must say charles your college analysis has completely pissed me off. Your ignorant comments about the big ten are a complete joke. Four out of sixteen sweet sixteen teams, Illinois taking acc’s best team to the wire Minnesota with good showing only negative being Wisconsins performance. No conference perfomed as well. Maybe if you had beat michael just once in your life you wouldn’t feel the need to drag everyone else down

  15. Matt Haynes says:


  16. Cheryl Cline says:

    I just want to know if you can say O H I O !!!! You are so bias against the BIG 10 and THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES that when you open your mouth on national TV you make an ass out of yourself. Get a life

  17. dave says:

    Charles, in the past I always respected your opinion on college bball. But i took exception to your comment this year that the Big 10 was over rated and the Pac 12 was under rated. How do you feel now that 2 of the final 8 are big 10 and there is no Pac 12 team left?

  18. Some people are mad with Charles comments.
    However, It is hard for many people to except TRUTH, and that is what Sir Charles Barkley is all about, he is man enough to say the things many person can only think about, but don’t have the guts to speak.
    I like his predictions on the Lakers this season am a Laker fan, and Charles were the only Sports Analys that was honest with me when he in so much words said…DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM THE LAKERS IF THEY ARE DEPENDING ON A 39 year old point guard….its not a good way to start a conversation!
    Sir Charles was right again.

  19. Bexley Jackson says:

    Thanks for an honest view point of the game, sir Charles!!! Great player, honest man.

  20. Dianne says:

    Did you jump over a score keeping counter to chase a referree during one of your games?

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