1. SEAN NASH,, aka " CLUBBA LANE " says:

    hey Chuck , I saw your comment about the OKC Thunder which is my favorite NBA team and I just wanted to let you know I agree with you 100 percent . as good of a team we have THE HEAT seems to have our number. I’ve been telling my friends for 2 years , we need to trade Kendrick Perkins and bring in a low post threat!!! before the trading deadline I really thought we should have reached out to Utah and made a offer of Kendrick Perkins alone with Eric Maynor along with 1 of the young first round draft picks we have sitting the bench and a future second round draft pick 4 Big Al Jefferson !!! he would bring a low post threat to help balance out the offense, which lives or dies by the jump shot ” except for Russell Westbrook ” who is your point guard, I believe they still should go after Al Jefferson in the off Season. they are a young team and Al Jefferson is just reaching his prime, I believe bringing a player of his caliber helps them defeat the heat when it’s all said and done . what do you think ?

  2. 1cent says:

    Chuck let me say this (lol) no team with Westbrook on it playing point guard, will never win a championship

  3. rudysarena says:

    I would love to see OKC again in the conference Finals but I think they need to do some adjustments to cope up with Miami.

  4. Elis Giaz says:

    Chuck I agree with you, but in contrast with your fan above I believe Scot Brooks is the problem. Serge has a good offensive game and I remember Perkins was very good in Boston. Scot Brooks is the problem, he plays the game typical NBA game. 1 guy (usually black) scores 40 points and the rest rebound play defense etc etc. He has to play as we play in Europe more team effort, OKC are very predictable and because Durant and Westbrook are great players that is why they are top in the West. Besides he let Jeff Green go James Harden go and kept who? Sefalosa?!?! Brooks must go or he must change his approach to the game.

  5. Steve says:

    OKC should get a decent PG imo. Westbrook is good and all but he’s much more of a shooting guard.


  6. rex says:

    its disgusting the way the bulls won. this is basketball not wrestling.

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