The day before his milestone birthday Barkley fielded a few questions from SI Kids reporter Logan Schayes and offered some valuable advice to his young fans. CLICK HERE to watch the interview.


  1. Troy Hare says:

    Happy birthday I turned 50 on Monday no big deal.smoked a pig drank some Patron. Ok a lot of patron. you know what to do if yor ever want to BBQ on the beach in Hawaii let me know tenbeers@live.com

  2. Karen Morodomi says:

    Happy Birthday Chuck, you’re my favorite athlete/commentator/golfer. God bless you!


  3. Hi Charles, Happy Happy Birthday! I’ve had a crush on you since WAY before you became America’s sweetheart, WAY before. And when you became the hot new celebrity, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too keen on sharing you. My doctor says I’m adjusting well however, and I hope to be released by early summer at the latest.

    O.K., I’m watching you on the Price is Right and I got so excited I just HAD to find a way to tell you what an extraordinary person I think you are. Not just the funny stuff, but your humility, humanity and kindness. Despite your, oh so sharp tongue, it is obvious you’re a good man. Wait a minute, some woman is mounting you on TV. What the F? Oh, she just won a car. I want that sapphire ring by the way if you can swing it. But I digress, you have one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen in someone who’s “famous” and if I had kids, I’d be proud if they looked up to you.

    Gotta run, it’s time for the Showcase Showdown! You’re a big boy by the way, I’ve never seen you stand next to YOU’RE TALKING NOW! HOLD ON!!! TORONTO! (really?) I’m going with $28,650. Allrighty, a home theater….an SUV, what kind? A Ford, Hmmm….
    I’ll go $26,000. So anyway, I’ve never seen you stand next to a short person before. Just B Ball players. When you said you weighed 290 the other night, I was like, WOW! (I’m babbling now, a commercial is on.) Oh my lord, $42,0000?!! $38,0000?! Man Im living under a rock. Thanks for doing the show by the way, it’s been really fun to see you. Just don’t let anyone exploit you.

    Happy Birthday Chuck and I hope the rest of your life is as wonderful as you say it’s been so far. All my best to you and yours. Its been fun.


  4. Arlene says:

    Happy Birthday Kid!

  5. Alex Hung says:

    Happy Birthday!You are my favorite athletes. I will always support you.

  6. Steven Kunzer says:

    Hope you enjoyed your 50th. I grew up liking hoops because of you.

  7. Rico Robinson says:

    Happy Birthday Chuck….

  8. Richard Hsia says:

    Charles, welcome to the 50 club. Another year wiser.

    I have enjoyed watching you playing basketball and as an analyst on Open court.

    Hope to meet you in person one day.

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