Barkley reacts to the possibility of the Kings moving to Seattle next year.


  1. Tommie Allison says:

    Charles, I love you – you spoke the God’s honest truth last night about the Sacramento Kings and Maloofs. The commissioner does need to step in and settle this entire situation. The people of Sacramento can’t afford to pay for nothing. Fifty per cent of the jobs here are government – with downsizing, cut backs, budget reductions, furloughs, the city is suffering financially. People are losing their homes, jobs, savings, etc and the Maloofs are literally holding the city hostage with the Kings. I am sick and tired of the Maloofs. If they want a new stadium, build one; they have more money than me or the average person who has supported them down through the years. Just who do they think they are? They own the kings, put some money into the team or get out of Dodge.

  2. Elis Giaz says:

    Well I do not agree. The greatness of America is that it has a healthy professional league, It is not like in Europe, where mainly in the South teams have financial problems with losses. Even Barchelona and Real Madrid. The team should move to Seattle, Seattle is a big city of 3.5 million people. Sacramento is a small city to have in the long run a team in the NBA. Also it would be great for Washington State to have an NBA team and California to have 3 teams. Finally for me it would make more sense for a fourth team in California to be located in San Diego the third largest city in California than in Sacramento.

    • drew says:

      If that’s the case Seattle should’ve never lost their team. This an ownership greed issue. Seattle lost it’s team to a very small market city in comparison. Even if they get the kings the feel of the arena will never return. The NBA is not the same anymore you can,t follow teams just individual players. Sucks but true.

      • Elis Giaz says:

        NBA has become a league that you follow players not teams is totaly true. But it is the size of USA, you can not have minor leagues like in Europe where teams are relegated etc. Where then teams realy represent something (a town, a city etc). That is in collegue level. Besides even if it moves to Seattle, it is still USA, right?

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