1. reymond cobb says:

    pretty much because i’m a lifelong fan and student of the game, and I think i have hust the right professionalism flare and character to make this thing…plus i think chuck as well as muyself will have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marce Huff says:

    Shaq,I am a HUGE fan of yours,Charles Barkley and aslo JAVALE MCGEE the NBA alone but it hurts me dearly when you poke fun or gloify situations that should not be made fun of,for example the young man who attended the Wizards and Heat game afterwrads he just wanted a hand shake, first from LeBron which failed then from Robert Griffen 3rd which also failed, this ended up on Shatin A Fool, I was appalled. Many of these athletes dont act in that manner, its so funny they know when the cameras are rollong and how to put on the show, I feel that could have been left out along with all the JaVale McGee low lights. I know its entertainment and your doing what you do, no disrespect. I believe “DOC” Rivers said it best during the Rockets game the other day ( in which we lost but we will make a run for towards end of season) please dont quote me this was hours after the tradgey in Connecticut “this is only a game we play thats real life”. When someone wants to shake your hand please dont be so fast to blow them off, we are all humans no one greater.I thought Charles was going to retire!! Thank you. Go Celtics…

  3. Jamaal Gardner says:

    I’m dependable, I’m a team player. I still believe in the “I’m not a role model” campaign. Also, I can do a great impression of you. It’s legit. I’m a huge fan, followed your whole career, but also, I’m not going to be too starstruck not to get the job done. Also, we can motivate each other on our weight loss, lol. I’m also very funny, so if you ever have a bad day, I got you. Well, here’s my campaign.

  4. James Santiago says:

    Chuck, I would make a great intern. I have been a player , fan and coach of the game for many years. I also have followed you your entire career and thats also the same for Shaq and esp kenny of whom I am very familiar with by way of his sister and brother in law whom are my friends. I love basketball and have played since I was 6 years old in some of the NYC popular tournaments in harlem and the south bronx. Now I am a college professor but who the hell cares about that. I like your style and know your demeanor and s I know how you roll, sort of speak and would fit in right away . Im a excellent communicator/ dress well, am intelligent, and have one helliva sense of humor. As a long time fan of the show, I know how it rolls. So chuck baby, stop wasting your time with those other knuckeheads fellas and ladies who are going to be emotional…I am on facebook…James Santiago, bronx , new york…..

  5. Dwayne Edwards says:

    Chuck. Your my biggest idol.I know everybody laughs at you would when you but actuality you are being serious. I have the same exact problem. I know you are student of the game and I know you know more than some of the coaches in the N.B.A Smh. We have same political beliefs about helping less fortunate out because I people not as blessed as others. T.N.T Inside the N.B.A is an very funny but educational on the game of basketball and probably the biggest money maker on the damn network. I recently graduated college with Criminal Justice and can’t find a damn career to save my life. Received a basketball scholarship but noticed playing in the N.B.A is damn near impossible to. So now I’m going back to school for electrical engineering. It would be great to meet you and the crew. Think this would be a great opportunity to start another chapter in my life! My Facebook. Twitter is Dwayne Edwards check a young player out *pause*

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