1. Brendon Glad says:

    I think for the world championships in 2 years, the young dudes should qualify, then the 1992 dream team should get as many of them as they possibly can and take a shot at doing what would be the most amazing sports accomplishment of all-time…medal with players who would all be 50 … we’ve all been run out of the rec gym by “the old dudes”in our own levels at one time or another. They’d slow it down, play zone, use their genius basketball minds, and probably could hold up for 10-12 games….God would that not be fascinating to watch?

    • Brendon Glad says:

      I’ve seen most of them on TV in the last year. All of them looked like they must be getting some run somewhere. I can only imagine how much Michael Jordan would EAT THIS IDEA UP if he knew the rest of them were gonna do it. He’d be in the gym 30 minutes from now lol!

    • Brendon Glad says:

      We know Bird couldn’t…and prob Magic…they’d be pushing 60… and you Charles had the horrible injury at the very end, although you are looking great! But maybe u and bird and magic would wanna coach instead. So maybe 3-4 spots are open. I’ve heard Reggie Miller he sill has 10-20 mins of good run left on an NBA level. Guys on the select team would not be “cheating” in my opinion. So Grant Hill is possible. So then 1-2 other guys like a Shaq, Kevin Johnson, Tim Hardaway, whoeveris most healthy and in best shape. Come on Charles! The world championships could use some JUICE! Yeah if u guys got beat by 20-30 every game it would be a let-down. My gut says “that ain’t happening” . There’s a reason why u guys were the greatest. And it had a lot more to do with that thing burning inside than it did with the physical gifts that have been diminished with age. Think about it at least! It probably sounds a lot more stupid at the first glance than it will after u toss it out to ur Dream team teammates. Its been sohl long that I think the legacy would never suffer. I mean u guys will be 50+. Everyone will be expecting u to get crushed. But WE know different. 🙂

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