1. Dallas says:

    I can NOT believe you do not have the GUTS to speak about the absolutely AWFUL referee’s in this series. I don’t like either team particularly, but have become so completely disgusted with their obvious one-sided calls that i shut the TV off.

    How about taking the ref’s to task for their complete disregard for this franchise? It looked more like football on the court last night then Basketball. Shame on all of you for being too scared to state what is obvious to all the NBA fans.

  2. Bev says:

    Russell Westbrook is absolutely amazing !! I like his sense of “self” and of who he is.
    I also appreciated the fact that he said he was a nerd and loves to read but never had
    his heart set on playing in the NBA, but it just happened for him. I do think he will get
    a championship ring before he retires from the NBA.

    Lots of Love

  3. Zenki says:

    @dallas… Lol. Looks like you are looking just a bit one sided mate. See, the refs are not pefect and will never be. Unless they’re replaced by robots. Lol. Nice game by Russ, but I’m also seeing the evolution of Bron thru out the playoffs… Deym.
    And Chuck, pls. be in NBA 2K13! Me and hard core nba fans have been missing playing your character since nbalive and shut up & jam! 😀

  4. Zenki says:

    @ Dallas… LOL. Maybe your looking more on one side. See, refs won’t be perfect and they’ll never be. They have they’re share of bad calls and it can happen all the time. Remember Jordan’s game winning shot that pushed Byron Russel away? It could be or could not be a foul. So stop ranting, because that’s the way it is ever since. Unless of course Mr. Stern would get robot refs. 😀 Agree w/ you Bev Russ was great! But thru the playoffs I’m also watching Bron’s evolution… deym!

    And Chuck, can pls. be in NBA 2K13! Me and NBA hardcore fans has been wanting this! 🙂 Last time I played your character was on NBA Live and Shut Up & Jam! 😉

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