Charles Barkley ranks among the NBA’s greatest power forwards of all time and most entertaining personalities, both on and off the court. One of Barkley’s proudest moments was winning gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the original Dream Team, here’s a look back at Barkley’s Hall of Fame career and the stuff that NBA legends are made of.

Barkley Suns 1993

Photo courtesy of Lou Capozzola/NBAE via Getty Images


  1. dogcasey says:

    Miss you thius week. Will you be available @TNT or site? Too busy getting US Open coverage, but DO miss you and the group’s banter, tons. Shaq is really not necessary. Don’t mean to demean him, but maybe he can add a sentence on leadership, but otherwise the stupid noises he makes when someone makes a hoop, and blatant jealousy of anyother than himself in his old position, together with the last 3 years of his play @ 20Milllion for sub-par play makes him a good businessman and awful on-screen person. Certainly not an analyst.

    OK, he had one year on-screen, let him go back to making videos to support the brood he created.

    LOVE YOU CHARLES. Keep up Weight Watchers, want you around a long, long, time! Love ya from an old fart.

  2. Fred Needham says:

    I’ve been a fan of Sir Charles since his days at Leeds High School.. Even though I’m a die hard Bama fan, I’ve always liked the fact that he tells it like it is. Whether people like it ot not.. I’ve got all his books along with a signed Suns jersey and signed SI of Charles Unchained.. He’s often said he might run for office in Alabama, and he’d get my vote!!! I know athletes receive lots of $$ for autographs, but if you read this Charles Wade Barkley. I’d love a autographed picture from you.. Stay just the way you are, one of your biggest fans for over 30 years!!!

  3. Josh Braun says:

    I know I speak for every sonics fan in Seattle when I say we love you up here Charles. You stood up for us, and we haven’t and won’t forget that. We sonics fans got on ya when you came to town because we respected your game. We miss our sonics pretty bad, and it hasn’t gotten any easier. Thanks again for reminding the rest of the NBA how much passion there is up here in Seattle. Keep up the the work you do. I hope you will be back here soon with TNT to get the reception you didn’t receive as an opposing player. You will be cheered like a sonics superstar. Thanks again!!

  4. josh braun says:

    Hey Charles, I speak for everyone in Seattle when I say we love the Hell out of ya. You keep reminding everyone across this country how passionate Sonics fans are. When the Sonics come back to Seattle, I would love for you to come out here and be a part of the first game. I can promise you will have a standing ovation. We Sonics fans hear your comments, and your love for our city. We chanted barkley suck, because we respected your game. You were a beast, and I enjoyed watching you play. Thank you again from Seattle!

  5. MrChrisSwag says:

    I’m a BIG fan of Sir Charles!! I miss the days of seeing you compete. Even though you was not a “role model”, you were still one of my all time favorite athletes. Your competitive spirit and the way you played the game, is a big reason why the NBA is where it is today. These young players should definately pay homage!
    The transition to being on air, will definately cement you in sports history. I never thought we would see another John Madden! NBA Video game in the future? That would be nice! Hear: ‘That was turrible!’ with the mid-court turnover. AWESOME!

  6. tim dodes says:

    Charles your the man but the refs have been awful this series. tell me what you think

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