Barkley channeled his inner cowboy before Game 3 of the 2012 Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Thunder in Oklahoma City.  CLICK HERE to watch Chuck enjoy a ride on Gunner and smoke Turner security exec Chico Robinson in a street race.

Photo courtesy of Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images


  1. matt reed says:

    Vote charles for govt alabama-

  2. Jay Hester says:

    Hey, Sir Charles-How about those OKC men? They can wear boots AND red pants AND pull it off…

  3. Suzy Turner says:

    Charles, I’m glad you’re having fun in Oklahoma! I’m getting tired of your partners poking fun, when I see that you are serious at times and trying to be positive about certain things! I see why some people show you disrespect, when your colleagues can’t see when you are serious! I don’t see any humor in it, at all!! You need to quit this farce; or they do!!!

  4. Suzy Turner says:

    Charles, I’m glad you are having a good time in Oklahoma City! I see why some people show you disrespect! Your fellow colleagues don’t show you any respect when you are trying to be sincere! I can see it in your body language! They need to grow-up or you need to find a job where your colleagues show you some respect! There is time for fun, and there is time to be respectful! I have asked you before, why are you the only one that is humiliated ?

  5. Suzy Turner says:

    Charles, do you remember, Blazing Saddles? Yee-Haw!!! I love it! You look great on a Horse! And rowing down a river!! As long as it isn’t with Burt Reynolds!!!!

  6. Suzy Turner says:

    Charles, move to Oklahoma, where real people live! That’s what life is about, people! Not what you can do for them, but what makes you and your family happy! Which is true friendship and respect! Which you get from real friends! No matter who or what you are! 

  7. don chilli says:

    yo Charles them OKC guys remind me of the cartoon the THUNDERCATS , THUNDERCATS THUNDERCATS , HOOO
    with the thundercat music in the background of game 6 put in a word to the MC. for me OKC #1 fan.

  8. Linda says:

    Thank you for your kind words about OKC. It has been a pleasure to see you and the others enjoying some of what OKC has to offer. Don’t know (or didn’t see) if you got to visit the Memorial to the bombing victims; if you didn’t, please take some time in the future. It really hits home showing the integrity and compassion we “Okies” are about. Again, thanks for publicly appreciating my home.

  9. Omar Hernandez Lechuga says:

    Hay algún lugar oficial donde se oferte los tennis de Sr. Charles Barkley, si alguien me puede ayudar se los agradezco.

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