No city is safe from Charles Barkley’s scrutiny and now that he has made amends with San Antonio it’s time to move on to Oklahoma City.


  1. Bev says:

    You aint out of the dog house yet Chuck. Im teaming up with some heavy women from San Antonio and were
    going to sit on you until you scream MERCY !!! LOL

  2. Kevin says:

    Leads,Alabama…Population 11,773. 2010 was the year leads opened a Bass pro shop. Charles, you call us hicks and there isnt anything in leads but fishing holes and very few people. I am sure there are plenty of chichens,goats, guinea pigs and hogs in everyones yards. How many people there make over 40,000 a year? Not everyone can work at the steele factory there charles. Is there a public pool or is that big pond still in use for swimming.No more HATING us Oklahomans. I hope you ate good at Mickey Mantels or maybe Barry or Keith took you to Cattlemans? I am amazed at how just two years now you guys just got a Bass pro shop. Fish charles and give up golfing.

  3. Jarryd says:

    Charles Barkley… You ain’t nothin but a loudmouth, no spelling, no ring having, wanna-be. Couldnt even lose some weight WHEN BEING PAID TO DO IT! Get off the TV already and retire with the little money you think you have. Oh and okc is going to lose two straight now and the spurs will go on to beat the heat. Read it and weep

  4. Lex says:

    You and the guys have the best show on TV. Life gets boring when y’all go fishin.

  5. Brandon Rogers says:

    Too bad red rock burned chuck!! Just had wedding rehearsal there in Tulsa last Friday!! Gorganzola filet is amazing!!! You have to visit eischens in okarche!!! Not quite weight watchers but you WILL eat like a man!! Just no late night joy riding around bricktown while enjoying Oklahoma too much!!!

  6. Tyreka says:

    Hey charles, I know this is the playoffs, but did u ever notice that dallas mavericks coach rick carlisle looks like actor jim carey? Are they related??

  7. Charles Spencer King says:

    Shout to the Thunder for not knuckling under, no plunder
    Lil Wayne bumped from da Fast Lane, no need to explain. refrain
    Roll out, roll out, your scam is toast
    Roll out , roll out, Mr. Butt neked @ the whippin post.

    Sent back to your crib, wearing a bib, your not so glib
    Lil Wayne you smokin crack cocaine? Where’s your brain? refrain
    Roll out, roll out, he got no host
    Roll out roll out, Thunder sent your ass parcel post.

    Now here’s the rub, Bub, next time you need a stub
    Find another domain? No team’s that insane, refrain
    Roll out, roll out, You’re no Michael Corleone
    Roll out, Roll out , level 300 you can park it, or watch Sony

    Lame song don’t hunt in OKC. pity, Word is, you’ve lost this whole ditty,
    Crackers like you what a pain, next time refrain or go with Tarzan as Jane, refrain
    Roll out, roll out, we’re all bro’s interracial
    Roll out, roll out, Duude, what a palatial, facial.

    All rights reserved Charles Spencer King

  8. ACE says:

    Wats up MR.Barkley since DET. Not n the playoffs OKC is going to take it all keep up the good work. U r my bro just keep me lmao wats up with ur boy shaq he can’t talk

  9. Dorinda Cullum says:

    I hope you are enjoying OKC Charles. Although I am very happy our governor treated you to gifts, I wish she would have given Ernie, Kenny and Shaq gifts! We welcome them too! I will e-mail the governor’s office and see what I can do. 🙂

  10. chrisxgxc says:

    Hey Charles, I am one of the creators of the Beard Like Harden video. We made another Thunder support song. This time it’s an original. Just thought you might be interested in checking it out.

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