Charles believes an intervention is in order for players wearing odd shirts.


  1. maria says:

    Barkley I no ur mad cause u are still trying to lose weight.and also cause u have no ring on your finger’s. But don’t take out ur frustration on s.a.

  2. Bev says:

    Charles, have you lost your mind? What is this about you talking bad about the “women in San Antonio” Calling them
    “Big Ole Women” Are you trying to make all the heavy women in Amercia hate you? For some one who has struggled
    with his weight, I can’t believe you could make such an insensative comment. And you keep repeating that statement! Lord have mercy Chuck, I hope you have body guards when you travel, because some people might really be mad at
    you. But then again, maybe that just the way you roll. Maybe thats the way you keep up your rating, by contravercy.
    Better you than me.
    Lord Help you. LOL

  3. Bev says:

    However, I do agree with you that Russell Westbrook does need “fashion intervention”.
    He seems like a deeply disturbed man. He is a great B-Baller, but I really wonder about
    him on a personal level. I wish him the best!!

    Much love,
    Bev, a true Miami Heat Fan
    MsBevBlack on

  4. static says:

    Game 2 was rigged- by them lame old washed up blurrs. crying lying and hackin blurrs. They won’t win the nba finals. Now wich one of them refs was paid off by them. crying shame. san antonio blurrs. enter the hall of shame.

  5. static says:

    The refs was paid off in game 2

  6. sandra blair says:

    Sir charles, no matter what others say, I love watching you on nba on tnt. You are the most informed And always on point.keep it going! Trash talk is apart of the game, rings or not, how many can boast about being a hall of famer? No rings mean your team wasn’t as good as you!

  7. Bo Kal says:

    Sir Charles, Russell and Kevin reminds me of Steve Urkel, lol. It’s the damn B-BQ’s that makes the women in SA Texas oversized. By the way refs fixed game 2. One play that makes me laugh is when Fisher thought he stepped on the line, he even looked but the stup-id Ref was either looking at his reaction not his foot. But the replay showed he did not stepped out out bounds. I hope OKC go after Ginobili tonight.

  8. Fred says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Shaq and Kenny showing no mercy to CB during his shout out to the “kayack/canoe team”. I kept running it back and laughing as hard as Shaq was because you guys are so funny. You guys and Ernie are definately a highlight to every game you do because of your chemistry and comfort with each other. Genuinely funny and entertaining. I love it!

  9. Ms. Stevonne says:

    Sir Charles,
    You are indeed a character! I, too, enjoy watching TNT because of your colorful commentary and personality. As for the remaining ensemble cast of personalities, Dr. Shaq is becoming more entertaining and comfortable at the desk. And the remaining two, Ernie and company, play off of your comments and dialogue, making the show comical. Despite living in New Jersey, my favorite team is the Celtics. They may be a little older, but they (Paul, Kevin, & Allen) are warriors!! Paul Pierce, Truth, is one of the most under-rated players in the NBA. Too much praise bestowed upon D-Wade and King James and their respective game/plays. Give some props to one of the best point guards in the NBA, Rajon Rondo, the floor general for the Celtics. At least D-Wade won the ultimate–NBA championship ring (with the help of his team). LeBron James may have to wait a few more years to win an NBA title. OKC is also prime for a champtionship. Collectively, OKC can give the Spurs a run for their money. They have a lot of talent!! Let’s go, Celtics and OKC for the championship title.

    • Fred says:

      Celtics in the Title game? I too like the Celtics and admire their grit and and grizzle. I love old school P. Pierce and they are a storied franchise. And Rondo is a true phenom…But Celtics in the Finals? Phulease, REACH DOWN and throw that crack pipe away!!! It’s obviously not safe to post AND do drugs at the same time…

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