1. Al Kelly says:

    Charles don’t hate on Oaklahoma! Think of it like this your between to cities known for their BBQ and Southern cooking do it up. I do agree San Antoniio is to dang HOTT. I went to boot camp out there and I am to pulling for Mir this weekend.

    Keep it real like you always do.


  2. Pete Graham says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I do not mind that these New Age pizzas are offered. It is just that I don’t want to hear about them. I ask for pizza and am asked if I want, stuffed crust, boiled, mexican style, Thai style, goofy toppings, etc. NO. I just want a damn regular pizza.

  3. angryballerz says:

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  4. Heyward says:

    Tell them to stop making square pizzas too. I can’t fold a square pizza slice and eat it.

  5. Kim mathenge@gmail.com says:

    How do you deal with bspn i mean espn I already know that kobe is washed up and the lakers didn’t have a bench. the nba is mostly a bunch as a whole a bunch of leastern conference teams who can’t get the job done. game 5 yesterday looking at highlights it look more like the georgeous ladies of wrestling. do handsbourgh Haslem and pittman play for the saints? metta world peace sometimes. The nba’s pacer’s/ heat Nothing more then Dirty asss*****…… every team his dirty @** players players but wow. 24 hrs a day kobes Kobes washed up thanks alot espn bspn. ” physical right.” (“aggersive)” is code word for cheat

  6. alleyoopal says:

    Big Round Mound of Rebound! Kp up the great commentating, Still that train coming dwn lane.

  7. Jay Hallman says:

    Charles, when you get to Oklahoma City be sure and order your pizza from Hideaway Pizza and get the Big Country (named after Bryant Reaves of the Vancouver Grizzlies that played at Oklahoma State University). Guaranteed you will love it. (405) 796-7777 Downtown OKC location.
    Enjoy the pizza and keep the commentary coming. My wife and I really enjoy the TNT coverage. Also, as a fisherman, I love the gone fishing.

  8. I-B-M says:

    Miami Heat suspensions? Why are the pundits avoiding the elephant in the room? The suspensions was clearly biased, the agenda may not be known at this time, but clearly Tyler Hansboro’s dirty foul on Wade was excessive and unnecessary. Hansboro’s follow through with the scrape and rake across Wade’s face and eye causing a bad cut was intentional, combined with the forearm shove follow through should have made it clear to the officials Tyler should have been hit with a flagrant 2.

  9. Bo Butler says:

    Where’s your rant Chuck?

  10. Chuck, I would love to cater for you and the whole TNT network while ya’ll are here in the San Antonio city covering the Spurs game. I will make ya’ll the BEST bbq ya’ll will ever eat!

  11. Nedy Aguilar says:

    Barkley…why r u hatin our beautiful river walk and the women in our beautiful city? Are we too much woman for you? Your just terrable!

  12. tom f says:

    not on pizza…but we SA do have a big women problem…mostley ethnic though…too many tortillias…lol. we do have some of the prettiest women in the world…look at our colledge co-eds…before they get married and COMFORTABLE supported wives.

  13. Thomas says:

    How about them Spurs

  14. Scott says:

    The home court advantage in the NBA is a joke! A foul is a foul home or away. Why can’t comish sterns control his referees. It’s all about the money as long as people watch they don’t care but this is one reason why people have quit watching the regular season.

  15. Quincy Ashley says:

    I think that you are right Barkely about the pizza cheese in the crust is garbage and a pizza establishment shouldn’t served chicken wings….I’ve been saying the same thing for the last 10yrs……You should put your sneakers back on the market I need a couple of pairs of them…the best shoes ever made.

  16. C. Blair says:

    Papa John’s?!?!?!? Pizza Hut?!?!?!?!? Domino’s?!?!?!?!?

    you live in Scottsdale, have you not tried Sauce pizza at The Waterfront near the Fashion Square Mall?

  17. Charles,
    If you want real bbq in San Antonio, you need to contact JD Davidsmeyer of JD’s Team Xtreme Bbq. You can find my contact number on my website. I featured on the hit show BBQ PITMASTERS in April 19th. You can bring the whole crew with you and have the best damn bbq youll ever have!! Cantact me!!

  18. Charles, this is the correct e-mail, jdsteamxtremebbq1@gmail.com I’m waiting for you to contact me and get yourself the BEST BBQ in San Antonio!!!

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