OKC Welcomes Chuck

Sir Charles isn’t exactly thrilled about heading to Oklahoma City this week. Craig catches up with some natives and tours the town.


  1. Dorinda Cullum says:

    I have lived in Oklahoma all of my life and have never worn cowboy boots, a cowboy hat or visited the stockyards! Come on Charles!

  2. Kim says:

    Espn has ruined the nba i know the lakers didn’t have a bench and kobe is washed up. over and over. that game 5 yesterday look at highlights looked more like the georgeous ladies of Wrstling. Do Haslem, handsbourgh , and Pittman Play for the saints. The leastern conference. wow. how do you avoid falling a sleep watching the leastern. conf.

  3. Suzy Turner says:

    I was born in Stockyards City in 1945! Very historic, like me! Hasn’t changed much since I was a little girl! A different culture and lifestyle is always strange to many of us! We need to study the history behind that culture! We have the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in all! I’ve worn cowboy boots, hats, and visited the stockyards! Also got cow —- on my boots! I’ve thrown cow chips, greased pigs, fed bulls, rode horses and fed chickens! I’ve traveled nationwide, held wonderful jobs all over the US! Met many high-profile people and worked with some of them! Have a family, and still cook with an iron skillet! By the way, I also still prepare French cuisine! But, I was still born in Stockyards City! Good solid background! Quit getting angry at Charles Barkley, we’re better stock than that! Show him a good time when he’s here! I want to see him wearing a cowboy hat, boots and a steak in one hand, and a fried chicken in the other hand! Oh! With OKC Thunder standing behind him!! Love ya! Charles. &

  4. clint washington says:

    Hey Charles women in San Antonio are BMW’s (big mexican women)

  5. George Hough says:

    Charles – you claimed there were No Blacks in OKC. To correct you, there are almost 100,000 blacks in OKC and more than in San Antonio. As usual, why let your brain get in the way of your mouth?

  6. Jim says:

    Charles is coming to OKC! Hey, if you don’t check out anything else, please check out the Oklahoma Memorial, That is where you will find what’s special about my home… it’s the people! We’re proud your coming to see us.

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