The guys reminisce about watching some of the NBA legends play and tell stories of about how they are connected.


  1. Mike Shropshire says:

    Charles, when you come to OKC you need to eat a Cattlemen’s and across the street you can get you a pair of boot’s and a hat.
    Best steak house in OKC

  2. William says:

    Charles u got alot a nerve talking about san Antonio and a dirty little creek you’re from Alabama! Isn’t that a swamp !

  3. Shawty says:

    Hey Charles stop hating on Miami. You complained about the same type files when yo butt played. Hansbrough tried to put Wade eye out. Don’t know what you was looking at. Do you not see the patch on Haslem. Them Ref should have stopped that crap in Indiana. Sound like a little jealous behavior to me

  4. CityGrl4rmOK says:

    That video is not what OKC is about. And the dude that said he is the only black guy here is a damn lie that video is a discrimination of Oklahoma.! I’m going to need you guys to get your stuff straight before you show things like that.! But on the other hand THUNDER T’F UP!!!

  5. jessica says:

    hey charles! u are freakin hilarious!! u crack me up so much! i couldnt read this chat it wouldnt show up on my phone.

  6. GINOBLI ! Barkley bring your money! San Antonio has everything! We Know you know which restaurants have the great food. But if you want some real great food from the neighbor hood. I know a few places. San Antonio aims at pleasing our tourist. The Hemisphere, Our River, another pride in S.A.. Barkley, our women of S.A. are the most beautiful women in the world kinfolk. Ask Shaq? Try a Mescan and you’ll never go back. Your credit may go down but you’ll never leave the brown’s (Mexicans)! Remember The Alamo! It’s. gonna be great finals series! San Antonio Spurs are our #1 Pride and Joy!

  7. GINOBLI! Barkley bring your money because there is so much to do in San antonio. San Antonio aims at pleasing our tourist. We have the Hemisphere, Sea World, Six Flags, The San Antonio River and anything you would like to do is here. Now we know you Love Mexican food and I can show you some really great food in the neighborhood. Charles now our other Prides, Our Women. We have the most beautiful women in the world here. Ask Shaq. You go brown, you never go back! Your credit might go down, but you’ll never leave the brown’s (Mexicans). San Antonio’s Pride and Joy, our San Antonio Spurs. Not just one player but the whole team Kinfolk! The Finals series is going to be amazing and Electrifying.

  8. David L. Howell says:

    Hey Mr. Barkley, my name is David and I live in Norman Ok home of the Oklahoma Sooners. I want to personally invite you for a round of golf at our universities beautiful golf course while you are here in Oklahoma for the first time. Im guessing you won’t be able to make it but if so I have left my email address just in case. It would be an honor and a great time. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. Suzy Turner says:

    Charles, you must have the same philosophy as myself! Sticks and Stones! Why doesn’t anyone pick on Kenny or Shack! I guess they’re the straight men!! 

  10. BEERWOLFHLC says:

    OK City is a great place to visit!! i am from San Antonio but have been to OKC AND the steaks are great at Cattlemen’s!! Charles is just trashtalking to promote the show being in our respective cities-I’ve met him once on the riverwalk here in SA when he was out partying after a game and was very friendly and likeable even to us who he knew were SPURS fans ! He even bought a few rounds even though everyone was buying him drinks!

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