Kenny argues that it is very unfair to compare Blake Griffin to the legendary Charles Barkley.


  1. SJ says:

    High expectations is a form of flattery. I think Charles was paying Griffin a complement by saying he was expecting more from him by now. It shows that he is disappointed based on the potential he sees as he expects Griffin to be one of the elite in the NBA. Let’s not forget though, that many players add dimensions to their game throughout their careers which make them great. MJ was thought to be just a good dunker in his early days as well, Thunder Dan didn’t shoot 3’s until later, and there are countless other examples. Let’s see if Griffin can live up to expectations.

    • LARRY JIMENEA says:

      Mr. Barkley, first of all – YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE RING!!!!! Obviously, you don’t like the Lakers & Kobe……At least, the Lakers & Kobe has RINGS!!!!!

      • Matt Smith says:

        The fact that Charles doesn’t have a single ring is due to the fact he played during the era of the greatest player (MJ) we have ever, and will ever see. There are several Hall of Fame players (Reggie Miller, Stockton & Malone, Ewing) who unfortunately played during MJ’s era and don’t have rings because of it. If you’ve ever watched old film of Charles playing then you would agree that he was an absolute beast on the low block. Him having no rings doesn’t change the fact that he’s still one of the greatest to ever play the game.

        And I don’t think Chuck has any problems with the Lakers or Kobe…..pretty sure he doesn’t.

  2. ron sarmiento says:

    Just like any MJ comparisons. Let’s all wait till Blake finish his career then compare him to Sir Charles.

  3. Dedric Robinson says:

    Its a Str8 up insult to Charles to compare Blake to Him. For one, Charles didnt Flop, maybe pull the chair out from Ya but not FLOP. Charles wouldve never flopped against Ginobili. He’d take him down with a HARD Foul. Griffin plays more like a small foward who dont have a shot, so he dunks all the time. Blake has the Talent to be Dwight Howard Great, but not the mentality..Maybe Charles & Shaq should host a bigman camp.

  4. Andre says:

    Will OKC win it all and if they don’t who will?

  5. Glenn Bloom says:

    Look at Charles, Kenny, Ernie and Shaq tonight…their suits are almost the same color…it is like they are trying to be the “Golden Girls” or something…

  6. Mahmoud says:

    Charles can dis Kobe all day long. But it won’t make any of Kobe’s rings go away and it won’t put any onto Chuck’s fingers. Chuck’s bias against the Lakers and Kobe dents his credibility as a sports commentator.

    Also, Charles should get glasses and watch when Westbrook pulled down on Meta’s knee. Meta did not knee him in the groin. The ref was right there. Westbrook pulled it down and Meta fell forward to catch his balance. Then Westbrook went off on his little tantrum and drama show. Westbrook is a punk. Meta might be a little off, but he didn’t knee Westbrook Chuck.

    You need to apologize for your error on TV. Do it if you are a man.

  7. Sasha Mean says:

    The Lakers are breakin my heart!!! It seems Kobe Bryant is the only one really making the points!!! I am rooting for the Lakers but if the Thunders win, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

    • Keith says:

      How about the person reponsible for it all, Mgr. Mitcupk.. or what ever !, this is not the same LA team
      that won the last campionship and this reason that the Lakers had such a hard time in the playoffs

  8. Sasha Mean says:


  9. ron says:

    the flagrant foul on artest was clearly correct. you were the only one who saw the shove with the left hand of artest. it was clearly meant to casue harm. keep that thug off the floor. if he doesn’t want his reputation then clean up his act!!!!!!


  11. casandra stanford says:

    That picture from the 80’s wa ok. Chuck. I luved u then and luv u now. Your Houston number 1 fan!!!

  12. Al Stephenson says:

    Hey Chuck. That foul tonight on metta should have been a flagrant. After thr block and the foul, he pushed him with his left arm into his back. Which by definition is unnessesary contact. Hence, a flagrant. Help me out Kenny.

  13. cherisie says:

    when are chuck and shaq go settle this thing one and for all. you 2 need to give us a 1on1game and may the best man win. GO OKC!!!!


  15. Joe says:


    When are NBA officials going to stop making the sport so polical? World peace being called for a flagrant for his history is just uncalled for. And then they call both him and Bryant for a technical just to make it worse! That’s wrong! When is the league going to step in and do something to hold these officials accountable? The NFL does a good job at holding their officials accountable so why can’t the NBA? There is no purity to the game with calls like those.


  16. cherisie says:

    What a game!!!! Go OKC!!!!!! You and Shaq need to have a charity 1on1 game and settle ya’ll beef once a for all. May the best man win..

  17. syl duran says:

    Welcome to beautiful San Antonio round mound

  18. ZG says:

    I can’t wait to either throw you in the creek or drink you outta the house and the throw you in the creek!!!

  19. Erwin says:

    Barkley better shooter rebounder and yes Dunker! All around better

  20. Sabra says:

    Charles, I really wish you would quit bad mouthing OKC…it’s a great place to live, raise your kids & be a THUNDER fan! I do enjoy your commentary on the show, but enough OKC bashing.

  21. yoshi says:

    did ernie say, “we’re all black friends” ?

  22. SdotGRACE says:

    At least Chuck has played in an NBA Finals, won a MVP, and has a gold medal. Not to mention his own shoe that is still selling in stores today. Blake is no where near worthy of comparison. Hell I wouldn’t compare Blake to Kevin Duckworth yet!

  23. noel says:

    no comparision at all!! peep history of sir charles simple simplict

  24. Shea LeMone says:

    Blake is not nearly as argumentive as Chuck was as a player and on the show. He is a boring bully who happened to be a great basketball player. Still, I remember when he was with Phoenix and Scotty Pippen predicted that Chuck was going to take the ball low and pound and pound it. That’s exactly what Chuck did, pound and pund and pound while his team mates had nothing else to do but watch. Needless to say, Chuck’s team lost. Being that I was born and raised in Philly, even though I am 67 years old, and know these statments would piss Chuck off, I’d say them to his face.

  25. Ed Potter says:

    Charles is kind of nervy, and harsh in the analyst’s chair. Recall what Scotty Pippen had to say about his big fat butt?

    • Dedric Robinson says:

      Forget Scottie Pippen he was one on the most Overated players in history. Couldnt win in chicago without Jordan, didnt win anywhere else after jordan. He had only One good game after he left chicago.

  26. BOBBY BONILLA says:

    i am looking forward to seeing ya ‘ll on that muddy little creek in downtown s a ! i have a couple questions for ya “ll. Q. How does scott brooks find the time to be not only the head coach of OKC – and – be Franklin – on franklin & bash at the same time?? Next – Q. How many fat women with charles (of course) can we get on one of those river barges?? And – Q. Do you know what the plural is for: Ya’ll ? ALL YA’LL.

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