Charles compares the Clippers chances in Game 4 to passing a Krispy Kreme with the ‘hot sign’ on.


  1. Suzy Turner says:

    Leave Charles alone! He doesn’t look fat to me! I’ve seen fat back east! No exercise, just lifting food to their mouths! Not all Yankees! My husband is from New York and Philly!! His mother would visit us in OKC. And was amazed how slender and well dressed Okies dressed themselves! My husband weighs 180 pounds and very healthy and strong! Has lifted weights since he was 20 years old; now 62! Overweight doesn’t always mean unhealthy!!! The way you deal with it, can be a problem! Quit picking on Charles! He didn’t mean the whole town of San Antonio is Roly Poly!! Chill!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:


    When are NBA officials going to stop making the sport so polical? World peace being called for a flagrant for his history is just uncalled for. And then they call both him and Bryant for a technical just to make it worse! That’s wrong! When is the league going to step in and do something to hold these officials accountable? The NFL does a good job at holding their officials accountable so why can’t the NBA? There is no purity to the game with calls like those.


  3. Larry says:

    Cattlemans Steakhouse in Okc

  4. Hajii Hayz says:

    Mr.Hajii Hayz.
    Partner/Project Manager
    (800) 601-5180 ext 800

    Hello Sir Charles. Thank you for keeping me laughing with your country self…lol
    My Graphic/Website/Mobile App/SEO firm would like to create you, your own custom Charles Barkley mobile app on the android/itunes market now for only $299 mo maint…………………….was $699. That’s a special price Chuck.

  5. Suzy Turner says:

    Dear Joe, put on some magnifying glasses, and watch the replay! If it was in your favor, you wouldn’t say anything!! Admit the Thunder boys are our new ” Boys of Summer” ! 

  6. Sandy Leber says:

    chuck you had me as a fan for 2 days my mom told me you were ok and funny
    well funny man pull your big lips over your big head and swallow
    you woosed out over OKC and where to live
    there is no place like TEXAS

  7. Lupita says:

    Chunky, I mean Carlitos, your all invited to come over to our home for a big bbq cook-out; under one condition, all of the Spurs have to attend too or at least a couple of them. Short ribs, baby back ribs, polish sausage, home made Spanish rice, barracho beans, potato salad like you’ve never had before And the best pecan pie and peach cobbler you’ve ever tasted. I guarantee you won’t want to leave my beloved San Antonio. What else will you do….. Visit our creek? We’re showing our Tx hospitality so you have to come to our hlme

  8. Suzy Turner says:

    Dear Lupita; may I come also??? I’ll have to work out a little harder at the gym on my core!! Are Thunder players invited? It’s time we all forget about being big in body; and be bigger in the heart and mind!! Forget who is fat and who is skinny! Let’s enjoy life and basketball, and be good sports!! Big Thunder fan, but respect most players!! Let’s have fun!

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