Should Heat fans be concerned about the Heat getting by the Pacers?


  1. Hollywood says:

    Charles, why was Blake Griffin playin without a mouthpiece,anyway…..busted in da mouth and ass! gone fishing!

  2. Gary Mabry says:

    Your idiotic, derogatory comments about San Antonio clearly reinforce the stereotype of the ignorant athlete.

  3. roy quezada says:

    Charles what do you know about the san antonio river. The san antonio river is nice with lots of good resturants to eat at. By the way charles the river walk is clean with a nice boat ride. Look forward to having you in san antonio. An’t nothing wrong with big ladys.

  4. Lupita says:

    Very disappointed with your comments about our city. It’s obvious you don’t have the character of a professional commentator. It’s a shame the future great players of this game heard your negativity. You should really be ashamed of yourself. But in the spirit of how we are raised in our city I’ll make you a home cooked meal; that’s if you don’t mind accepting a home cooked meal from a big Texas gal.

  5. luis says:

    I think no much trouble but I wold indiana win… play like a………

  6. msballer says:

    I believe they will pull it out but if some of those other guys step up the bench has to give at least 30pts because d-wade and LeBron will not give 70pts a night so pacers only have to stop one of the remaining big 3 and east finals he we go

  7. ChaddiOaks says:

    Miami can play half court defense without Bosh. It took them 10 quarter but they finally figured out how to play half court offense without Bosh; since we have no big man to dish the ball and Chalmers can’t get it done, let’s just have Wade and LeBron play catch until one of them can get a decent look, that’s it. Them getting to the Conference Finals without Bosh is going to depend on those two making jump shots.

    • Al says:

      Chris Bosh is too soft and there is no reason he should not be playing and the coach has nothing to loose by playing some of the other big men who is just riding the pine especially an Eddie Curry who can score in the post.

  8. Billy cornelius says:

    Miami should figure it out. Or listen to u.
    The ref’s dam sure not gonna help. This was the first game where I didn’t c a obvious over n back called. I understand this is the playlets but if u gonna call so many hey he strpped on the line…nvm.
    If king James gets his 40-50 points Miami wins wait they need two other things a 20&10 guy and 1 w/ 12-17 points.

  9. Bev says:

    I am very concerned about my team (Miami Heat). Non the less, I am still pulling for them.
    Lots of Love
    #1 Heat Fan in NC

  10. roxie says:

    Barkely tlking mess bout San Antonio women is just very immature very ignorant but mostly everything tht comes out of your “has been”mouth is.san Antonio is a good city when we win championships we hv nothing but a good time and class unlike some other “high end” disrespecting women in general shows wht kind of man you like u probably with big mouths probably hv something to lack dwn stairs..kinda sad.and no im not a big women jus a women whos sick of ur words

    • G-Man says:

      You have to realize that Barkley say things just to get a rise and he is entitled to his opinion no matter how off base it may be and as for big women, I have no problems with a full figured woman and if one can’t stand the heat stay out of the bedroom.

  11. Al says:

    The problem with Miami is clearly the coach his focus is only on two players Lebron and Dwayne and I know people has referred to Lebron as a choker in the past but I think Dwayne is a bigger choker thank Dwayne he has no heart. I also think the coach should give Eddie Curry if he is not hurt some playing time because they need a big man on the court who can score in the post. Early on in the season they did a piece on Curry as if he had turned his game around and was ready to contribute to the success of the team. One thing for sure they need to establish a big man down low that can score and beat up on Hibbert because Anthony and the marijuana smoking dude will not get the job done.

  12. Tyler Hansbrougjh should have been given a flagrant 2 and suspended. Udonis Haslem had to be given 9 stitches over his right eye. Tyler Hansbrough is 6’9 ht. 250 lbs. solid muscle. Can you imagine all that weight put into someone’s face near their eye area? If that had been an inch below Udonis Haslem’s situation would have possibly been tragic? He could have lost his eye. The NBA put this player in a very bad situation because they did nothing to protect him. He had to then go int a self preservation mode. If he said anything negative against the refs or NBA on how that situation was handled. He would have been fined or suspended. He had to protect himself the best way he knew how for himself and his team. That’s to play hard and let Indiana know, we’re not going to let you beat on us and not fight back. The Indiana Pacers are playing very dirty and every viewer sees it. I can’t figure out why the NBA don’t see it. Could the reason whyTyler Hansbrough was handled lightly or non-chalantly by the NBA be because he is caucasian? I know people don’t like to keep throwing up the race card, but it is what it is. The NBA need to stand up and take the responsibility for the role they really played in this whole mess. If the NBA give Udonis Haslem a flagrant 2 or suspension that would be another injustice. It would just confirm we still got a very long, long way to go with race relations in this country. Pleasantly, surprise me and “Do the right thing”.

  13. reginald mathes says:

    barkely was making reference to big women. basically saying that he loves bigg woment secretly

  14. reginald mathes says:

    barkely was basically saying he likes big girls

  15. reginald mathes says:

    Is Barkley saying he likes Big Women or is he making fun of them ?

  16. reginald mathes says:

    Barkley likes big girls barkley likes big girls Barkley likes big girls barkley likes big girls Barkley likes big girls barkley likes big girls Barkley likes big girls barkley likes big girls

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