Too many players in the NBA are focusing on standing behind the 3-point line and need to focus on other aspects of their game to get better.


  1. Mitch C says:

    Chuck please stop commenting on such advanced topics like politics that are beyond your mental capacity. You are paid to blowhard about basketball not about anything that people care about. Your political comments are not only out of line but elementary at best. We’ll see what happens in November.

  2. McWaters says:

    Chuck –

    I agree with you Chuck. I see to many players focus on the 3 point shot produced by the double team of the big man. when the big man is out thier game is cut out because they have not developed the skill needed to creat the shot.

    What is the single most important aspect to an NBA players game?

  3. Bev says:

    Previous NBA stars need to be advice givers and mentors to the current young guys in the league.

    Im surprised that Chuck is taking so much flack because of making a political statement. Could it be that
    when political figures show up at an NBA finals game that’s their way of rallying for political support? And by
    Chuck making a public nation wide comment that could have spoiled that effort? I don’t see any need to be insulting to anyone.

    This is America, and everyone has freedom of speech. But you know, Chuck is not the type to be intiminated.

  4. Robyn Scotland says:

    Charles, please stop with your liberal political bias. We watch NBA on TNT for basketball commentary,
    not, your political illiteracy. Or should I say, used to watch NBA on TNT.

  5. Mike says:

    Chuck u rock bro! Forget the haters. You and I met in the 90’s n hung out in Houston and I shaved my head when u were with Phoenix u remember? Anyway I can see it on your face, Shaquille has to go bro! He brings nothing to the show. It’s painful to watch TNT! Chuck send me an email n let’s catch up.

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