With the Lakers bench playing as well as they have been, Charles still believes that Denver can come back and win the series.


  1. Sap piazza says:

    Mr.barkley, your comments regarding sports carry weight for obvious reasons; however, your political comments are better kept to yourself.

  2. Midge Hinman says:


  3. Katy says:

    I was just wondering Bark&lay—when you said “We” are going to……you in November “to the presidental candidate, Who is “We”? TNT? Fat guys? Stupid guys? Tall guys?

  4. allen henry says:

    Mr. Barkley your comments against the Lakers always seems to be bias to me. I heard you say Lebron is the best player in the game and that is just your opinion. Kobe Bryant is older than all the other Superstars and still plays above their level scoring and skill sets he also has 5 rings which the others only have 1. I also feel you do not like Kobe because of statements you have said in the pass I will not go into that. These comments about Denver beating the Lakers are a joke and you know it why not speak with wisdom and stop talking out of jealousy. Denver is a young and talented team and Karl is a good coach but they are not in the Lakers class period. Enclosing, I will say this you will never be considered better than Kobe or Majic or Shaq not because you have not won a ring it is because to me you lack class bigtime brother! True stars speaks on and about the games not on their bias emotions!

  5. Kent Habermeyer says:

    Mr. Barkley,

    I like sports but I do not want to hear your political opinions as to “what you think” is going to happen in the elections.

    I think I’ll look at other sports venues rather than yours – You obviously make too much money and your network should have edited your opinions. Since they did not, I’ll watch other sports networks.

  6. Mr. Derp says:

    Keep on bashing Romney, Charles! Everyone KNOWS this election is over and it’s only May!
    Obama 2012!

  7. Edwin says:

    You just hating because you are jealous of Kobe Bryant. He has 5 championships and you dont have none. I would for you to wear a skirt on stage if Denver dont win

  8. COCougarBait says:

    Charles, while i disagree with you politically (and let me know if you need a quick macro economics lesson), i for one think you are hilarious and really appreciate your support and belief in the Nuggets this and previous years. Keep on keepin on and good luck vs. Shaq! Also, i hate Twitter and have 4 total followers but it would mean the world if you tweeted me @ the name above!

  9. B Brown says:

    The Lakers are playing like they don’t want it every play Denver is attacking on offensive sticking to every Laker player on defense trying to steal the ball every play its the exact opposite for the Lakers everyone is scared to take the shot but Kobe Denver is getting any shot they want anytime they want because the Laker defense is just standing around watching them shoot no effort what so every I’m ashamed to be a Lakers fan!!!!

  10. B Brown says:

    Lakers are done put a fork in em everyone but Kobe needs to be traded rebuild that whole team Gasol is weak Bynum what a baby grow up the bench cant step up World Metta is off on off on just scrap that whole team needs rebuilding

    • G. Bostwick says:

      The lakers bench has been on fire, Gasol and Bynum are madmen, and you are probably as ugly as you are stupid!

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