Best Studio Analyst/Personality Emmy winner Charles Barkley gets a champagne bath from Kenny. ITN walked away with 5 Emmys total.


  1. Snelson056 says:

    You go boy!! Congrats to everybody on TNT . Don’t hate Kenny its a win for all he might not have a ring but he’s got an Emmy (:

  2. DT says:

    Why do hate Kobe so much?!

    • Barosanu says:

      This is the update from Kim from last night. Sept. 17, 2011> From Kim:>> He filanly woke up today. They have ruled out most causes of infection> but one last test is a spinal tap which he is getting now. He’s at> Swedish in icu.> Sorry, I’m so beat or I’d be more on top of things.>> KimAs you can see, Kim needs our love and prayers as much asChuckie.

  3. Never one to act like I know more than a professional player, but Charles belief that the Lakers are a Team that will lose to the Nuggets is upsurd.
    I don’t take much stock In a player who thinks he ranks amoung the best and has no rings in his court. I’m not even a Laker fan, but watching this fool Is hard. Well see how this one turns out, but I guess if I was like him and never won the big one is what u do. guessing against a team that he enveys makes him feel like he has a voice.
    Good luck Charles.

    • Cahya says:

      i dont like to play as PG kuz after u play good few games everything is up to uu and i dont like that. exmaple i was playing in boston and they sit Rondo!!! for me kuz i was better than him and for me thats kind? of disrecpectfull i don know

  4. Bev says:

    Congradulations Chuckster !! You deserve it. At first I didn’t like Chuck, especially when he would talk junk about my boy LeBron. But I have to admit, Chuck is brutially honest and I like his southern charm and he is even a compassionate person as I have noted from his financial support for the disabled. I am even inspired to join weight watchers after seeing so much weight-loss progress on his part. Keep up the good work Chuck.
    Just please don’t talk junk about my boy LeBron. lol
    Lots of Love
    Lady “B”

  5. SFguy name says:

    Congrats 34, you deserve it.

  6. Eroll Freytes says:

    I was listening TNT with Barkley, Kenny,Shaq, and Ernie talking about the systems of different teams such as San Antonio there’s no such thing as a system. Look at the players Manu know international champion, Robinson, Parker, Duncan. Teams always gard the talent that is why MJ is so great and the 3 point shooters were able to make these open shoots. Kenny count your blessings. Lol God bless mama Africa!

  7. nicholas says:

    Congrats to the NBA on TNT…you uys are great.
    I like the addition of Shaq “DEISEL” and like how he puts Barkley in his place.
    Hey Chuck…you need to stop talking about white people..after all,if it wasn’t for them,you would be broke and definately not on TV…and didn’t he marry a white woman???
    Thanks again to the entire NBA on TNT for an awesome program!

  8. Arshak13 says:

    doesn’t you people know that KOBE sucks?
    thats why the Celtics got more championships since the loss of the bulls today 76ers are going to take on the celtics the celtics Will sweep them most likely i know chuck disagrees then celtics play the pacers because heat got no chance against PAULLLLLLLL GEORGEEEEEEE and DANNNNNNNY GRANGERRRRRR.

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