Charles believes the next 48 hours will be extremely interesting for the NBA, as the playoff match-ups are not yet set in stone.


  1. raul says:

    What do you thonk Nash is unclear about his future should Heat try to get him on a 3 year contract?… He could contribute a lot within the game and to miami’s youmg talent.

  2. raul says:

    Nash to miami its just what they need

  3. Santos says:

    Chuck I just have one question why you always hate on Kobe & the Lakers is because you jealous of Kobe he has five rings and you have none could it be you never got a chance to wear that Championship winning Purple & Gold in certain you would have at least two rings

  4. Nancy says:

    Charles, you are so right. The last 24 hours have made changes already. I am a Chicago Bull fan and am brokenhearted for D. Rose and for the Bulls overall. I still believe that we cannot count out the Bulls going to the Eastern Conference Finals with Rip Hamilton being healthy. Beating the Heat in a series is a possibility due to the Bulls’ depth. I get upset when I see how Lebron James flops and fakes to get to his goal. After years of watching players like you and Michael Jordan, and now D. Rose, I have a difficult time watching players who would stoop to flopping as a means of winning.

  5. Sandra says:

    Mr Barkley why is it that you never have a good thing to say about The Boston Celtics?

  6. carla says:

    Ok celtics rondo ok got technical but watch what his shoulders move they went back and it was no trip sorry once the shoulders go back it was no trip also charles i love you on tnt yoy need to announce the bb games

    • Ramiro says:

      he saved them in a sense they’re on the verge of collapse and their coach being fired for hainvg the record of 8-15 until Lin exploded.his team mates became capable all of a sudden and all gears working for the knicks.won 5 straight and the basketball world noticed it.if you dont call that sensational then what else could it be?

  7. samuel says:

    you were talking about hakeem’s moves and kenny said he had one move the jump hook. tell krnny about the evrn more famous “shake and bake” and as ateem member he should remember it.

  8. MARIK J says:


  9. john says:

    charles although all teams cant be great some are really bad but we stIll lIke hear our team gettIng some dIaloughe we are fans as well as you are. but you only talk about the few wInnIng teams.detroIt pIstoo drafted a helluva poInt gaurd but because they arent wInnIng the pIstons get no play. thats a sad commentary Its bIased and unfaIr

  10. Pat says:

    Why do you hate Kobe Bryant and the Lakers ? Even Stevie Wonder can see this.

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