Charles has some advice for Blake Griffin on improving his game and getting tougher during crunch time.


  1. LCLAKERfAN says:

    Chuck how do you feel about the lakers today playing back with the black mamba ?

  2. Bev says:

    I understand that Blake Griffin is not complaining because he don’t want to look like a whuss.
    But it takes someone like Sir Charles to tell it like it is.
    So Blake, don’t let them do that to you Son.

  3. Jason says:

    David Aldridge said brook lopez then ryan lopez… its Robin lopez lol

  4. Greg Massey says:

    Charles, knowing what you said about Blakes teamates needing to beat the hell out of the opposing teams that beat on him, do you feel the same way that one of the OKC Thunder players should just beat the hell out of RON ARTEST?
    There is absolutely no call for his type of actions and what should his supension be. My suggestion is however long Harden is out plus 3 addition games and $50K per game.

  5. Eric says:

    I agree with Chuck. Blake Griffin needs to work on his fundamental basketball game. He has to learn how to create offensive plays on his own if the team needs it down the stretch. Athleticism only last for a few years in the NBA but skill level makes you the long term superstar go to and Hall of Fame player.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Hi Charles I think Blake is doing a great job. By the way my daughter is the biggest Blake fan. My home is not a happy home for me during the season, can you make the playoffs exciiting for me and get me 3 tickets to a playoff game. My homr team are the blazers and we know that is not happening here. Please

  7. Gilbert Francis says:

    Dear, Sir. Charles Barkley and Mr. Kenny Smith, I was a little disappointed that one of you guys did not put in a good word for Metta World Peace.
    Charles I consider both you and Kenny to be the best Basketball analyst there is, and if you view the Tape on the unfortunate incident that happened on Sunday April 22 Lakers Thunder game, James Harden moved into World Peace, and in my opinion Mr. Harden could have avoid the hit. I notice Harden is looking square at the Official just before the vicious blow is delivered.
    I don’t condone what World Peace did but as a Player I can understand how it feels to dunk on a prolific defender, with Kobe screaming with excitement on the play.
    You guy know the fans love these types of moments, and the NBA just got some higher ratings, thanks to World Peace.
    Charles you help the NBA with you dramatic out burst in the past.
    We always loved to watch the 76ers, when you were there, even though I was an LA fan, you were the most exciting opponent to watch, our motto was “CHARLES”… THE MAN IN CHARGE!!!”

  8. Gilbert Francis says:

    Sir Charles, I believe the comments you made of….someone needs to protect Blake Griffin, may have cause Metta World Peace to whack the hell out of James Harden.

  9. Ma'Khale Haymer says:

    I agree wit charles 100% blake to me has only athleticism sucks at free throws no jumpshot i think blake griffin is one of the most 1-demensional players in the league if not the most and charles you are the best and funniest basketball anylist and stop talking about my hometown detroiit pistons next year they are in the playoffs and i predict they draft sullinger to take up for losinhg BIG BEN!

  10. I think that blake griffin is one of the mos 1 demensional players in the league if not the most. And tell your crew to stop hating on the pistons they are the best team in the nba next year they will be in the playoffs yea i said it.

  11. the flagrant fouls on balke griffin led to the metta world peace elbow on james harden if you let players foul blake griffin the way they were taking him out other players say im going to protect myself im going to hurt someone before they hurt me remember they do play in the same arena the staples center

  12. charles my formula for winning a nba championship is you must have at least three 7 footers on your team dirk brandon chandler bynum gasol mgbenga longley perdue winnington parrish walton kite miami doesnt have three 7 footers denver does good pick

    • Jeff says:

      J.Wang – I’m curious in what an alnomd tree look like up close. More specifically, the alnomd itself on the alnomd tree. Is there a pod? shell? big cluster? I know it sounds silly but take/post some close up shots!

  13. loretta says:

    can the refs back off of the crazy call-especially with the tech-like r. miller says good ol’school basketball. hey should give techs for the floppers..

  14. Patrick says:

    Please give Charles extra credit, he was nervous. lol

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