Shaqtin’ A Fool examines an interesting technique for eating cookies, Charles’ shows how it’s done.


  1. M.Minor says:

    Charles, your right abt M.J. Loved him as a player, but he has killed the Bobcats. I can’t figure out their Plan. They trade their best players, don’t resign Felton, and their draft picks are questionable. Tell Mike to listen to his GM who has a good reputation. I want to root for the team but it’s like watching paint dry or Shaq shooting free throws (painful).

  2. kevin says:

    look im sick and tired of karrem adual jabbar wilt chamberline oscar robinson etc old school ballers being praised as best players of all time because they are not just like technolgy has advanced excersise programs cars etc the players skills today are too great to compare to the punch buggy skills compared to todays race cars just imagine shaq jordan kobe lebron wade nowitzki durant etc with their skills playing back then it would be a slaughter every night.

  3. Len C. says:

    Although I only played High School ball, my coach always preached in the half court offense the pass before the assist is so important. Can you tell me your opinion and why that pass isn’t mentioned a lot on any of the games or NBA TV. Being from Chicago and lucky enough to have season tickets, I see how impressive Derick Rose is in making that pass before the assist. His ability to score and make the assist are unparalleled in my opinion.
    Also can you explain more in laymen terms how the Bulls excel in defense by helping each other. They play the ‘Help Line’ better than any team I have seen. Thank you, Mr Barkley, i really enjoy your candid, intelligent insight.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hello Charles,
    I saw that Eating A Cookie Off The Face Contest last week, I must say a first for me. Funny stuff. I’ve just gotten around to” reading your book “Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man”. Really good reading. I am up to the George Lopez interview. Will you be writing another one or a follow up/Part Two? You were right on point in regards to President Obama, then Senator Obama.
    Tell the other guys I said hello.

  5. terence says:

    Dwight Howard being discussed in trade to the Nets:

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