1. kenny robinson says:

    I want to be the first maybe to say dirk was over…hit me back.

  2. Bev says:

    How can your words be twisted from your comercial !! Make a committment folks, and just loose the weight. !! No excuses.

  3. Troy says:

    Charles… man, I love you! I wish there were more people like you in the NBA now. One thing with you is that you never have to say is, “I bet what he really wanted to say is ____,” because you say what you really want to say!
    This is my first time visiting the site, LOVE IT!!!!
    PS: Love your book, I May be Wrong but I Doubt it. I’ve pushed that book off on all my friends and family!
    PPS: I got the nick name Charles growing up cuz evidently I looked just like you… I’ll find a way to email some pics to you.

  4. Paul says:

    Sorry for disturbing you Charles you are really a respectable guy but I wanna to tell why the basketball will became the worst sport never seen in the world that because the referee suck they suck hard after they wondered why Rick Carlisle and my best coach Mike brown getting mad. When a guy got foul you need to call foul, I think that time for the referee to stopping try to glitch the game for the people home and starting to ref in the good way.

  5. Tuda says:

    You gotta luv it…Charles just keeps it real.

  6. nba says:

    for real i come to your blog to see and hear bout issues and whats going on in the nba…. then i come across this, you chatting bout weight watchers when everyone know that your one of the spokes person for weight watchers…. common man i want to hear bout the nba do your job… your site isn’t even up to date on nba news. For example you failed to mention any thing bout the love and scola issue. you should be talking bout the biggest issues happening in the league right now. if you go to msn your gonna get up to date news and this is how this blog site should be. i mean yeah weight watchers might work but that’s irrelevant to basketball. get with the program or get out

  7. Rony stylez says:

    Love you charles every since 76ers days keep speaking your mind

  8. ruthie says:

    we really enjoy you!you tell it like it is.i do wonder why the refs show partiallity to the stars. i know the fans want to see the stara but if thet commit a foul.call it!

  9. Tyree Valentine says:

    I want to know why Larry or any other “expert” would say he would rather have Kobe as a teamate over Lebron? If you look at the history of both Kobe has had a better supporting cast than Lebron throughout his career. For the first 8 yrs of Kobe’s career he was able to be the 2nd best player on his team. How many times can you say that about Lebron? The other 2 times he won a championship he had the best frontline in the game. What did Kobe do for the next 4 yrs when then Lakers traded Shaq & he had a good supporting cast with (Caron B & Lamar). He could have made them a “Big Three”. Lebron never had teammates that good in Clev & Kobe was the same age as Lebron is right now. To make a long story short Kobe went to a Championship organization & always had help. Michael Jordan would not have won a championship with that Clev team. I

  10. Tyree Valentine says:

    And Sir Charles if anyone mentions the NBA finals that same Dallas team swept the Lakers as well so give them & that zone defense credit. I will take on any analyst regarding the Lebron & Kobe debate

  11. Ptweetstraw says:

    I just watched Skip Bayless talk about Lebron and his priorities regarding the tweet on Blake’s dunk on Perkins. He tried to say that other stars such as Kobe, Magic, and Bird would never of done that because they have better priorites and are bigger than that. Let’s take a look at that comment though. Lebron has done some wild things such as the trade interview and how he acted in Cleveland, but let’s no forget hat many of the high profile players that haven’t tweeter have done their share things to question not only their priorities but also their integrity and morality. So what is worse redefine about something that everyone is talking anyway or doing something that questions not only your judgement but also you morals and/or integrity. I would tweet all day long and have people still look up to me as a honest MAN!

  12. Shane says:

    The loss of weight looks great and will save you from further health problems in the long term. The most important thing to regulate and reduce is stress. It can be your demise very easily. Keep up the great work online, TV and your weight loss program. Roll Tide governor. 🙂

  13. Cash says:

    Love the site Sir Charles!
    Just wanted to say that Rondo’s lack of a jump shot is going to cost the Celtics in the long run. The defense can completely sag off him freeing up an extra defender, and clogging up the lanes – he is a liability on offense. Why doesn’t he get in the gym and shoot a few thousand jumpers with Ray?!?! C’mon Rondo! I know he’s the poster boy over there in Boston, but I don’t think he’s put in any work and it’s hurting his team! Announcers need to acknowledge that fact and stop kissing his ass so much!

  14. Durdyred says:

    Why is Iversson not playing……straight ridiculous

  15. Lou Toussaint says:

    Just turned on the Miami/ATL pre-game show and looks like Lebron isn’t the only one who needs to “come home”….
    Check out Mike Terrico’s hair line! Wow!!

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