Chuck thinks Chris Bosh should be starting for the East as opposed to Carmelo Anthony.


  1. Mz Cameron says:

    He#* NO!!! He can’t help out his own team as a starter! Chris Bosh has played exceptionally well (one would argue that he is actually playing better than Wade)! In my own opinion and mine alone Anthony has to many issues and he is beginning to be labeled as a unnecessary ball hog who puts up not many points!

  2. kenny robinson says:


  3. Troy says:

    I agree with Chuck. Bosh put up big numbers and was an interval part of keeping the heat on top when Wade went down. He shouldn’t be punished because he did it while Wade was injured. He is more efficient than Melo.
    Melo is one of those players, as a Knick, he has to shoot 25 times to get 25 points. Also, I personally feel that he is a bad chemistry player and is next to useless without the ball in his hands. That said, is he an all star? Sure. Should he be starting over Bosh? I don’t think so.

  4. Steven says:

    I say yes!! Bosh is a humble player and is out to win who also don’t need a popularity vote to get in the all-star. No offense to Carmelo but he don’t deserve to be starting or be at the all-star period. If not Bosh starting then you have Josh Smith, Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudemire. Even the ones that deserves to be there which are Igudala, Joe Johnson, L. Deng, Brandon Jennings, R. Hibbert, J. Noah, D. Granger, P. Pierce, R. Rondo. They earn the right to play in the all-star. Popularity voting is such a big insult it was like how they voted Justin Beiber in a popularity contest at the Celebrity All-Star game. I have a question for you Chuck. Do you think they should get rid of the fan voting in the NBA? Voting like, Who should win the Slam Dunk competition and all MVP awards. Do you think that the judges should be judging the whole dunk-off to declare the winner while the NBA head office declares the All-Star MVP, Season MVP & NBA Finals MVP?

  5. Beverly says:

    Go Chris Bosh !!

  6. Ondrell Riley says:

    Yes Charles is Right Melo has miss too many games and Josh Smith should be in The All Stars Game he has carried the Hawks with Joe Johnson.

  7. pam gee says:

    Ok- to the person who said Bosh is humble-there’s not an ounce of humility on that entire Heat team! That said, I wish all of you Knicks haters would go to Hell-including Charles Barkley!!!

  8. Jorge Romero says:

    Chris Bosh ha jugado mucho mejor q carmelo.. Pienso q anthony no debria ni titular.

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