1. Nostimi says:

    All I want to know Charles is this am I the only one who can see that here lately Blake Griffith has been holding on to people while dunking I know they’re in the restricted area but when does holding on to or pushing off of another player counts as a awesome dunk it should count as a foul

    • Jade says:

      Yes Blake is great, but you are right he is always grabbing a head or shoulder to gain some leverage while Lebron on the other hand does it naturally with His core strength.
      Lebron James could dunk the ball from the 3 point line and people would still find a reason to be critical of him.
      Remember all the closet Jordan fans that came out of hiding after his retirement.
      The leap frog dunk over lucas was on another level completely.
      I really wish that Lebron had not chimed in on twitter and allowed the comparisons to force the two into a wild west dunk off.
      Their really has not been a rivalry like jordan and dominique, and as a basketball fan I would really love to see these two before lebron loses his hops.

      • Athony Brown says:

        Tired of Lebron saying he”s going to be in the slam dunk contest,he knows he”s just a one dunk wonder like shannon brown was,sorry but it”s truth.

  2. R .brabham says:

    Why don’t harrton do something with his beard ?he look like a wild man .

  3. noel green says:

    yo sir charles i was just wondering if i could i get a shoot-out from you i turned 40 today,also being following your whloe career….GREATEST POWER EVER!!! NO QUESTION!!!

  4. Steven Phan says:

    Hey, Charles im wondering who do you think is better Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

  5. paul c says:

    sir charles is the most talented and entertaining sports expert ever I would listen to him analyze ping pong

    • BusyB says:

      are You serious ? that Charles is the best commentator?

    • Toni Trice says:

      I agree that Charles Barkley is the best basketball commentator ever. I love his knowledge and truthfulness about people and the game. I’ve learned so much about the game from him. Hope he doesnt allow Shaq to destroy that part of his TNT persona.

  6. ed.sunset park brooklyn says:

    Sir .Charles… Stoudemire is washed up . He’s not the same. Should’ve trade him . For someone with better knees . .. .. Ok he just score.. Lol
    but keep ur eye on him .

  7. big lou says:

    Shaq is hilarious, and ofcourse my boy Sir Chuck, but some one tell Shaq to look into camera1 when shouting out to players, lol! He’s pointing into wrong camera!

  8. hache says:

    Who the best Chris Paul or Derrick rose and why?

  9. E Gordon says:

    Chuck, Where do you rank Aldridge as a power forward? because my man is doing work

  10. richard e rivas says:

    I have a question for you Charles, in the Olympics when we play Spain which should be a close game. Who do you think coach K will draw up plays for? Durrant, Lebron, Wade, Kobe? Who

  11. Jeff Warford says:

    Do you remember that game where Shaq broke the goal in Phoenix? You were looking at him like he was Superman then.

  12. Savoir faire says:

    He charles since you put #23LJ on bald street aka front street, why don’t you put everyone out on the same street! Make a list of players that need to join the club!

  13. David Innocente says:

    Hey sir charles why are the Chicago Bulls So Underrated? People say they don’t have What It Takes To Win It All I Would Love to Here you address that. Thanks in advance.

  14. Michael burks says:

    Although it’s early,who’s comming out the east? BULLS or HEAT & why? #D.Rose 4 M.V.P

  15. Daniel Ramey says:

    How can Derrick rose be the best point guard when he don’t play like one and shoots 25 shots a game and dont make his teammates better rajon rondo is the best point guard in the NBA he does all of those things

  16. abraham says:

    Yo Charles do the knicks have a chance at the finals? and should they have gone thru with the melo trade…i mean they lost great players in wil chandler, galo, and felton!?!?!? and denvers pretty good while the knicks off 2 a rough start!?!?!?

  17. chris moser says:

    do you think the mavs will repeat. i used to be a coach and i love your comment in the past “not about x’s and o’s its about jims and joes.”

    p.s. shaq will gain wisdom from you.

  18. Edwin Johnson says:

    Charles do you ever think of coaching

  19. Tyler Bramblett says:

    Sir Charles, why did you not put Steve Nash as one of your reserves?

  20. ed.sunset park brooklyn says:

    Sir .Charles.. stoudemire hes washed-up .should’ve trade him when we had the chance. If there was one for someone with better knees.

  21. King says:

    Do the heats two losses against Milwaukee mean anything?

  22. William says:

    Who is winning the NCAA championship this year? I have Kentucky, what’s your opinion?

  23. Eddy Luvmuffin says:

    I’m still and haven’t atopped laughing about Lebron’s Hairline, It had to be said I am just glad you did it on T.V. He going to be the 1st NBA player playing with a skull cap….”C’mon Home Lebron!!!!!!!” – Charles Barkley.

  24. Andy says:

    Hey Charles I wanted to ask you is there any team in the Nba right now in the playoff picture that you predict would make a run in the post season?

  25. Chicho says:

    Mr. Charles what are the chances that Dwhight will go to the bulls.

  26. Moustafa Eissa says:

    Sir Charles I just wanted to know if you think this blake griffin dunk has been TOO hyped up. It seems like there wasnt a sports talk this week that didn’t have a HUGE conversation about it. To me its just overtalked. What do YOU think?

  27. Chicho says:

    What are the chances that the bulls will win the champion

  28. Charles, Do you think the lakers will make a move before trade deadline if so who do you think could make a good fit ?

  29. Sir Charles my question to you is, do you think the knicks need a coaching change?

  30. brady says:

    Sir Charles do you think the bulls need a big man such as d.Howard To win a championship
    D.rose is clutch but d.Howard could prove to be a massive threat defensively and could supply the shooters with a lot of 2nd chance points by his ability to dominate on the rebounds!

  31. Cameron says:

    Why is derrick rose so good

  32. CJ vau says:

    Yo sir charles what teams do you think are going to be in the nba finals

  33. ruthie says:

    why are not the officials consistent in calls?they seem to favor the stars and the home seems sometimes they dont call much and other times they dont allow much.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Why do you hate OKC so much, you never have any good comments about the Thunder I do not understand why you have no love for them!!! Please explain!!!!!!

    • S. Hall says:

      That was a good question you asked him at that time, but he seen differently when he came to OKC for the Spurs/Thunder Western Conference. Okc showed CB mad love…. And by the way the Thunders have came along ways and we have a great Team…..

  35. Gary Smith says:

    Chuck what available player should the Knicks persue to help their Offense and Defense to make a valid run for the Championship?

  36. Ray mello says:

    Damn Charles those are some low blows on Lebron, when’s the last time we saw your hair?

  37. Diana R. says:

    We love you Charless. Keep up the good work. I love basketball season becasue I enjoy watching you and the gang.

  38. The greek says:

    LeBrons hair will eventually fall due to the stress of not winning the self proclaimed 8 titles he promised miami

  39. Charlie Esco says:

    Charles you being a boxing fan, what round does Floyd stop Cotto? Or will it be diffeent?

  40. Gary Hamm says:

    You are THE funniest commentator! The Only reason I enjoy NBA

  41. Dale Morris says:

    Charles I noticed Kenny’s legs rub together when he walks. My gyration is”Is he still being circumcised every time he takes a step with all that friction.

  42. Al says:

    Okc and bulls in final will be good for the nba . It could start a bird/magic rivalry between rose/durant.

  43. Charlie Esco says:

    Charles you being a boxing fan, how do you think the Mayweather Cotto fight will go?

  44. T Dot Kingsby says:

    Chuck do you think Marc Jackson can get the Warriors to the playoffs in the next 3 years? And if not what do you think they need?

  45. Tyler Brandt says:

    Hey chuck I love you, but why do yah gotta hate on sacramento

  46. Lebaron Deflanders says:

    Hey Charles I remember when you was with Philly and Scottie tried to dunk on you baseline and you jumped up from a stand still and blocked him with ur left hand oh how I loved that but Blake be getting all this credit for dunking on people some of it is legit but to just throw the ball in the hoop shouldn’t be praised yes he got up there but come on M J dunking on Ewing Vince on Mourning now those were getting dunked on

  47. Vail B says:

    Lord of Leeds, you The Jet, EJ ! Greatest show on the Surf! (TV & Internet), now add “The Big Shaq-a-lyzer ! Destined for a Soul Train like run. I’m in Orlando and I say, Dwight for Lebron, makes more since for the Heat, but you gotta love Lebron and his skill set

  48. terri says:

    I’m a barber in atlanta, his headband might be going back but his beard is the bomb! Much love charles, i’ve been a fan forever.

  49. BusyB says:

    Sir Charles I know that you commentate on TNT on game nights I would appreciate if you would answer this question on live TNT is why you always PLAYA HATIN ! and always havin negative comments about my Nyknicks everything out of your Mouth is always negative! Please if u don’t have anything positive don’t say “anything” !
    PS I’m looking forward for some response?!
    thanks SIr CHarles
    From BUSYB

  50. Sir Charles I think that there has been a trend of too much complaining and crying over the officiating of the games.
    Players cannot admit when they are at fault and fail to recognize the great job that officials due most of the times.
    I think Kobe Bryant is the worst of all and it takes away from his greatness.
    The knicks need to trade Carmelo and tyson chandler for dwight howard and some how get get steve nash and turkolue.
    Amarie, Dwight, Steve, Turkolue, and Fields would make a formidable team. The knicks need to overhaul their pieces badly. And by the way Antione must go as well. The coach definitely must go. Dwight would surely bring Phil Jackson
    to New York and a championship would soon follow. I wish i could get the GM job just long enough to show them what
    trades need to be done.

    • Troy says:

      Micheal Jordan used to work the refs as well. He’s still great. At the same time I agree, they complain too much. Growing up you didn’t complain about fouls, that’s how you get good enough for the NBA.

  51. kyle williams says:

    Hey now nice talkin to a superstar, I was wondering what you would think about if you missed either one or both that the fowl would not count and also same rules for the technical foul unless its a flagrant, it would make it more fan involved and the referees call the game more acuratley.

  52. Delphine Watson says:

    Everybody talks about labron and blake dunks these days,they are big and strong its suppose to happen. But people never talks about the dunk that little Kevin Johnson did on “the Dream”. Now a 6 foot over a 7 plus guy a shot blocking mode. Talk about that dunk Charles that’s dunking.

  53. Sepand says:

    hav u guys noticed sir charles hasn’t answered any questions

  54. the bufflle says:

    why walton of los angeles lakers is never traded? lakers all time traded everybody-else but him – walton. is because of his legendary father? is to please his father? or his father has a word with the lakers to never trade his son and for him to live, to play, and to retire as a lakers. he also got free championship rings when he is not relevant.

  55. Avery says:

    Charles, do you think Russel Westbrook is more of a liability to the Thunder or more of an asset?

  56. Sonny J says:

    Hay Charles you are the best man loved it when you were just said on the show that there are only 6 great player in the please list them for me I won’t to compare your picks to what I think please

  57. sam mangram says:

    charles, you guys are the the experts, you should know that the greatest really has to do with individual accomplishments. the top five lakers are. wilt chamberlin, kaeem jabar, majic johnson, jerry west, koby brryant. and then shaq. in that order. lets get real.

  58. Quia says:

    Kobe is a great player . I give him every kudos due but he also does a great deal of crying when he gets fouled no question about it. It’s funny cause he throws elbows all day long. I have a list of my all-time great players that cried to no end through out a game and my top two are Reggie Miller (trend setter) and Kobe Bryant ( took the thrown after him). Outside of that ,Kobe ,love him or hate him is a phenomenal skilled player.

  59. ruthie says:

    would you tell shaq to talk so we can understand what he is saying???for such a big man sure cant understand him.yiu are good!!!

  60. Hi Mr. Barkley,

    I trust this short note finds you in excellent health and spirits!

    I am honestly more impressed and inspired by your generation on NBA players. Yourself, Patrick Ewing, Dominique, David Robinson, Karl Malone,Magic, Bird and Jordan.

    Honestly how would Kobe Bryant do against Dominique Wilkins in his prime? I really feel Kobe is the closest to your generation but Kobe would be able to hold his own, but not dominate.

    Clyde Drexler, and Dominque vs. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James would have a tough time against those two Legends.

    Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp would dominate Chris Paul and Blake.

    Question: I just want to know what was the mind set of your generation, the focus, the motivation and the heart of your generation versus the Wades, Vince Carters, Tmacs, Lebrons of today- why are they not as focused or legendary as your generation was? Did your generation open the door so widely, where they are just spoiled?

    Much love and respect,

    Karma Chukdong.

  61. kiamara says:

    ur the best in basket ball player and u rock charles barkley as a best basketball player and ur a good person talking in teams and be ready for being the best player ever.

  62. tony says:

    why are you not on the nba y2k12 game

  63. HappyHayden says:

    hey chuck! much love from a long time fan from canada. trolling the web turns up gems from time to time and its good to see that you still inspire:

    keep up the good work 🙂

  64. Chance says:

    Now that mike dantoni is out in new York, do you think the Knicks can make a strong run to end the season using woodsons defense?

  65. Christine says:

    Dear Charles,
    To begin, I want to stress that I am a fan of yours. This being said, I must tell you that it is because of you that I have been forced to listen to my husband tell me the same Charles Barkley story no less than hundreds of times. Apparently, in the late eighties my dear husband was waiting patiently with his Charles Barkley magazine cover and his pen at a Celtics – 76ers game at the garden when you (and these are his words) may have possibly “snubbed” him. Now I know you were probably busy getting ready for the game, but my husband is convinced that you chose to overlook the chubby kid looking for your autograph. Now, twenty years and many kids later, this night still haunts this poor man. So please, can you find it in your heart to help me make it up to him? All it would take is an autograph to bring peace to decades of feeling unworthy and passed over. A small gesture could mean so much. Thank you.

  66. Johon says:

    Hey Charles you are a true analyst when it come to basketball

  67. Knicksfan4ever says:

    I dont know what your deal is against the Knicks but I wouldnt be talking becauseyour career didnt take off until after you left Philly.

    Hall of Famer, given. You had an awesome career. Funny how you are the only one other that Johnson not to have a chip.

    I was never a fan of your and never will be.

  68. tom maple says:

    Dream Team Olympics 20 years ago now. Think I read you and L Bird became friends then as two small town basketball legends. Has he been to Leeds? you to southern Indiana?

  69. Jose says:

    I love outspoke guys like you who speak your mind. I did not like you as a player because you frankly were not that good.
    But you have to say something about “4 and Out about the knicks tonight” totally wrong. Say you are sorry if you are a MAN but thats not you from what I see.

  70. christopher says:

    Charles…I don’t like the way E.J. seemingly DISMISSES you…are you guys cool or is there a conflict…cause I WILL stop watching TNT @ the half if this continues!!!

  71. Alexis von Bretzel says:

    The only thing worse than Barkley’s golf swing, is the ignorance of his mouth. If you can do this, this might help, Think before you speak !

  72. craig says:

    whos tha top 5 dirtest players, my fave d rodman smart player gets in ya head.

  73. James Mock says:

    When people discuss best defensive player and such why is Lebron always considered and D wade is not? If you have watched D wade’s 1on1 defense especially against Kobe his defense is magnificent. He is a great shot blocker as well, not just come from behind like lebron only does but I mean in your face while you are shooting shot blocker. I think D wade should get more consideration for all nba 1st defensive team.

  74. Heather Anne says:

    Can’t wait to see you in OKC , sugar… Peace 🙂

  75. i.cooper says:

    FYI-the Spurs ARE the Clint Eastwood’s of the NBA.

  76. Stephen says:

    Sir Charles, How did you get your hops up when you were a young big boy?

  77. jarvpianista says:

    Saludos desde Colombia, me parece muy interesante su articulo.
    Mariachis Bogota

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