Charles continues to show his affection for Kevin Love. Kenny argues his case for Blake Griffin because of his necessity for a double-team.


  1. Gary Gladysz says:

    Sir Charles….how does it feel to definitively pro ex super man wrong….easily Howard dominated Bynm and Love proved to hit a game winner that Griffin will never hit…be humble in your victory:) Shaq lose the Superman tatt!

  2. David Castle says:

    Sir Charles was right once again , but hopefully we won’t see Shaq in his dirty underware on TNT , that wouldhave to be some kinda FCC violation , lol .

  3. FloJoeErik says:

    Chuck, I take it you’re scared of Skip Bayless. So hope to see you on ESPN First Take.

  4. Straleshia Hampton says:

    Hello, Charles I feel special being apart of your world.

  5. Delon wray says:

    Why is Amare playing with on energy or

  6. GHOST TEFLON says:

    man u tha man 4rm sac town DPH..n i aint lkn 4 a role it like it iz G n tha real will feel..

  7. Mr. Barkley, my comment to you is: Why are you so critical of Ray Allen,Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce also Kobe Bryant? All of the above are Great Players, yes they are getting older but their fundamental skills are still there. Give the Brothers a break. You were a Great player however; never won a championship which is the “ultimate”. Does it take away from your basketball IQ or skills?

    • jason says:

      Bobbie english, my grandpa has fundamental skills. Doesnt mean he should be in the NBA. Celtics play with almost no energy. Time for some changes

  8. My friend and I are fans of this site, so much that we are starting our own site, so if anyone wants to be entertained, and informed please visit enjoy, and thanks

  9. Frank Giannone says:

    After tonights game im going with Chuck, Even thow minnesota aint putting the W’s in the standings K-Love is lookin like a MVP so far this year. #s dont lie

  10. reggie bledsoe says:

    Blake is the best powerforward in the game klove isa close second luv the website

  11. todd says:

    So when is Shaq gonna be on-set in his undies? KLOVE, game winner!

  12. Tommy 2 Chips says:

    Yes Charles is right. Kevin Love is the best foward in the NBA. Let me see. Kevin Love had 30-30 last year. Ist player since Mose Malone in like 30 years. Then Love broke the all-time consectitive double double record. This seasn Love became the 1st player since abdul Jabbar to start the seaosn of with doubles doubles. Also this season, He tied Akeem Olajauan (Houston Rockets Center) with double double. Kevin Love is either breaking or tying records of Players on the NBA 50 greatest players list.

  13. David #1 UK fan says:

    hello has anybody looked at the feildgoal % k luv shooting 40% blake griffin ashooting 51 not only that but k luv shouldnt be shooting so many 3s he should be under the basket where he supposed to be

    • Toni L says:

      Are you serious dude? The only reason Blake has a 51 shooting percentage is because all he does is get alley oops and dunks. His offensive game lacks depth, where as K Love is even better than last year and keeps developing his game. He should stay under the basket where he’s supposed to be?? Yea try telling that to Dirk

      • abc says:

        Even if blake griffin just dunks that’s better than taking a bunch of 20 footers. A power forwards job is to get in close to the basket just like blake griffin does

  14. Victor marquez says:

    Hey charles i am a big fan of you.. Am very happy to go to tour page.. Love you men and god bless you;)))

  15. Johnwe says:

    Sir Charles, I am a Korean NBA fan who loves your work going back to your Suns days and I’m writing to you from South Korea. I see most of your work through and all I can say is that in the recent years your the man on “Inside the NBA” and “TNT”. During this period Kenny was and still is your sidekick. In adding to that you have now displayed that Shaq has the potentials to become an analyst closer to Kenny then you. You are one of the primery examples that shows that the number of rings has no equivalance to the numbers of great analysis. Love your work and I agree that Kevin Love is currently and will be for several years the best Powerfoward in the NBA. Last but not least, though Shaq, Kenny and Ernie made you take back you comments regarding Blake, I believe you are right he is currently overrated.

  16. jaywann bullock says:

    if blake can develope a consistant jumper he would be better than love , he looked real good last night against the lakers but he is not consistant.

  17. david desain says:

    how come you only pick players from nowadays. Let me tell you one of the best defensive players. What about Nate Thurmon fron Golden State. He won thr one on one contest in the NBA in the 70’s, beaing Bob McAdoo, only because of his defense.

  18. Zeke says:

    Went on to watch the “What Great Big Men Do Best” video and for a moment you forget because youre casually watching Inside the NBA but I was pretty awed by the fact that I was watching a few legends show us their moves and really teach us why it is they did what they did on the court. Great show guys and Chuck im liking the website!

  19. Kisher1816 says:

    Charles U R da man always have an always will be comin from a fan of yours an a fan of the game. You keep tellin it like you see it cause I agree. These young guys need to know not only rings mean greatness.

  20. Terrell says:

    I guess I’m the only person willing to stay on subject…

    As for both, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, I’m going to have to go with Kevin Love. Why? Well, the reality is, Blake Griffin is a huge liability because of his (sometimes wreck less ) style of play. It’s only a matter of time before the inevitable. Second, Blake Griffin doesn’t have a jay. He just doesn’t. He maybe can develop one over time, but at this point, Kevin Love is 10 times a better shooter than Blake. I actually think he may never shoot a very high percentage in terms of jumpshots. His mechanics seem awkward. We’ll see I guess.

    Lastly, who would you want in the game – with the game on the line and seconds to go…. Do you want a really good all around player that can both get busy inside and out, or do want a player out there that will jump out of the gym and is extremely athletic but with limited all around skill level, which includes and consistent jumpshot. I don’t know about you, but I’m going with a player that is dependable inside and out!

    Los Angeles, CA

  21. Bigleftygolfer says:

    The thunder clippers start is a good reason why griffin is due his respect thunder jumped out of the gates with quick double team leaving billups open from deep and it was raining threes… Now the thunder really have a mountain to climb just to get back into the game!

  22. Jai Perkins says:

    hate to break it to everybody, but blake nor k love are the best power forwards. k love puts up great numbers on a bad team. he doesnt make anyone better. lamarcus aldridge and z bo are the best in the game. z bo did it in the playoffs where legends are made.

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