1. parker says:

    Mr Barkley it is time for u to coach a team in the NBA. That way u can trade Lebron if u r lucky! Saturday night live is for comedians not NBA Hall of Famers!

  2. Chavon Simms says:

    Congrats on your website!

  3. Ka'ne says:

    Barkley, you need to get off lebron’s back and stop hating on Kobe. How can you hate on some one that is the as close to Jordan than anyone will get he is clearly the best player in the game. He didn’t need to go and get superstars to win and he proved that after shaq left LA. he has the heart and mind of a champion and he is a true warrior. Who but him can adopt around there injuries and keep playing with out excuses surely not Lebron. Lebron couldn’t adopt to a sore elbow and everyone was making excuses on why he wasn’t shooting well. He’s just a athlete he can’t win a ring and make his team better like Kobe and your good friend Jordan. Look up Kobe’s achievements then try and hate. Remember he has 5 Rings and oh yeah looks like he can get 30-40 still. Oh yeah with torn liniments in his wrist. That’s a champion / warrior

    • BullySixChicago says:

      you need to get off Kobe you know what

    • BullySixChicago says:

      kobe is about as come to Jordan as you would trying to swim lake Michigan buck naked and thinking you won’t get wet. Let it go man Kobe is a very good player leave it at that and stop mentioning Jordan is the same sentence with the clone

  4. playa4rings24 says:

    Hey charles… you are a hater man. Semms like kobe SPITED on your face!!! Kobe is all-time great and you know it but you still hate and everybody can see a hate in you and your insecurities … Kobe is mentally strongest player I have witnessed in NBA history… with media, twitter hate and personal issues he has to go thru and tougher competition than jordan.. coz Lebron, wade, Durant… are better players than you will ever be…. so hate on that NOW.

  5. antron says:

    charles why are you such a lakers hater?y you never have nothing nice to say about them. kobe bryant the best.ever and he wayyyyyy better than you in yourr time. LAKERS ALL DAY CHARLES LEBRON JAMES SUCK. LOL NO RINGS AT ALL I TREAT WOMEN LIKE LEBRON GIVE THEM NNO RINGS LOL HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT??

  6. Ka'ne says:

    Please, looks like you don’t know greatness. Name one player that’s better then Kobe. Matter of fact google his achievements then get at me. Oh yeah don’t forget the man achievement 5 RINGS…..only Kings have Rings

  7. Cj24 says:

    Charles Barkley.. you only motivates KOBE! if he gets another ring you will be disgrace like the media criticism LeBron if get a ring also..

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