1. Christy says:

    Charles you are so negative, arrogant and pompous that I had to mute the volume on my TV. Your comments and attitude made the Hawks game less enjoyable

    • the anti christy says:

      Christy, shut the hell up. Charles is the man.

    • tay says:

      obviously you are deaf or blind if you think chuck is any of those things. he regularly lets the guys on tnt make fun of him because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. also, if you hate him so much, why the hell are you on ‘charlesbarkley.com’??? just to troll??

  2. sahil says:

    itz a team sport sexuality dsnt matter no discrimination

  3. charles uu da man!! watched uu on SNL. Funny stuff. hhaahahahahaa

  4. Baller says:

    Yo barks u r still not a role model, been golfing lately?

  5. Ike Davis says:

    Charles, I would like to see u guys acknowledge Kobe Bryant more for his hard work on and off the court. He stays in good shape at his age after playing in the league all these years. When LeBron and D Wade get that age, let’s see if they will be performing and competing for a championship each year. I think the league backed away from Kobe and has not given him the full respect that he deserves because of that incident in Colorado. He has worked his butt off trying to make up for his past mistakes but the league just won’t let bygones be bygones and give him the respect that he deserves. If it were someone else in the league in this same situation, everything would be forgotten and forgiven by now. To all the haters: get over it and move on!

  6. oldjames says:

    i think, in all seriousness, that charles is the most honest man in all media. saw a promo for the website on nbatv, was hoping it would be good, and i sure as hell ain’t disappointed. good luck, keep preachin it…

  7. SharaanL says:

    Charles, You & Kenny & Ernie have great chemistry, but Shaq doesn’t seem to fit in. Webber is an easier FIT! SHAQ WOULD BE HOOD ON NBA TV… Sorry Superman

  8. SharaanL says:

    Shaq would be a better fit on Nba tv… Webber is better fit on TnT

  9. Len Gaby says:

    Take another look at the video clip of Shaquille on his new horse. Look closely at the horse’s tail.

  10. tay says:

    preach it! i completely agree. it is a pathetic state of affairs that none of our pro athletes are openly gay- in fear of what the media might say or in fear of losing out on contracts. if it takes straight people to support gays against discrimination, than so be it. discrimination is wrong in any form, and as americans, we are supposed to be leading the way.

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