1. Bill says:

    Watchin u guys on NBA TV. Pissed. I would really like to see players secure their own venue & promote their own games. There should be enough business acumen amongst the players to pick a spot, advertise, sell tickets, play ball, & make money. Cut the owners out. F**k em! Make a real players association comprised & owned by players. People keep saying “why should the owners give up half of the business”? I say if you’re a player, your talent IS your business. Why should you give up any of yourself for someone else’s profit? I’m just sayin’

  2. cal shummon says:

    Sir Charles;thank you
    Great Basketball Player,Great American,Ambassador and leader
    all the best CPS

  3. Lyndon Gibson says:

    Why do they need a 10 year contract? Couldn’t they settle on a shorter time (like 3 years) and see how it goes?

  4. Tread61 says:

    Why not have a Ruckers-style traveling tournment? Put together 7 to 10 teams (or more if enough players show interest) and use various college or other civi arenas around the country and play for a pot of say $5 million (put up by a sponsor or 2 or 10 and even some players to make it interesting). To even further sweeten things make it a Pro-Am league. Top unsigned talent from around the globe could play against/with NBA ballers . Use current Olympic rules (yep – goal tending and that sweet 3 spot) and let’s have at it! Should be an easy sell for TV rights to an upstart channel like CURRENT TV or even SPIKETV…

  5. Bart says:

    Solution if the owners want a hardcap:

    First off the revenue sharing deal should be called a profit sharing deal!
    The reason therefor is, that if it were to be a total revenue sharing deal, all teams would have the same budgets to spend.
    Cost deduction comes afterwords. To make it more reasonable, the owners should be allowed to cut the arena costs of their revenue since bigger teams shouldn’t get an handicap. If they do this, the owners would have a hardcap without even having to ask the player for one!!! Instead owners want a hardcap on salaries for the players so it would be possible to limit their salaries.

    On the question on the fairness of a team with lot’s of visitors, getting the same revenue after sharing, than a team with hardly any attendance, is a mather of understanding. The great teams can’t get games if there aren’t any teams to play against. In this fashion all teams would strive to make the league bigger, meaning they allow starpower to come together in order to get them a championship. The stars create the revenue and the fans so closing deals on trade would only make the league less fashionable. All teams would still benefit since the revenue would grow.

    PS. the salary forcasts used on that are used in the negotiations aren’t relevant. The impact of the lockout will probably even cut recent salaries based on BRI with the new contracts.

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