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    What about the fans?

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    What about us fans? Nba Fan Lockout

    My name is Sam Scalf I am 32 and live in Portland, Oregon. Now, I have been a die hard fan of the only Sport team that we have being the Trailblazers, myself and many have stuck by our team through thick and thin with nothing but pride! I feel like the nba players and the union you represent are robbing society only worried about your pockets, well my question is, what about the fans? The people who have supported most of the players even when they were still in college? The ones who buy the merchandise and tickets? Wear the players names on their clothing? Buy their shoes? Believe in them? Or the kids who on the playground pretend to be them as they are learning the game of basketball, and dream of being them when they grow up? That’s how us the fans of any thing look at it not just the nba, it used to be about entertainment for the fans and pride! Not all about the money cause if we the fans just locked out and refused to watch or support, all the players and the union wouldn’t have what you have, and would have to struggle like most of us fans! Maybe I should start a blog to start an nba fan lockout and protest what you guys are doing to us it’s like you guys don’t care!!

  2. Ruthy says:

    Hi Charles i love what your doing, i really enjoy watching, and listening to anything that your on. I think you are funny as hell, and you don’t give a damn if people like what you say or not. You really keep it REAL and RAW in your opinion. Alot more people need to be like that, we wouldn’t have to guess what they’re really thinking because they hide themselves, and tell us what they think we want to hear. But i have to disagree with your comment on illegal immigrants. I am not saying i have the correct answer either BUT. It is not fair that they get free healthcare, college educations, and other social services that american citizens are not able to recieve due to lack of funding. My taxes are higher i have to pay for my kids college education. I want them to have a free ride also. And i was watching a special on Dan Rather Reports concerning a government bill that allows companies big and small, to fire american citizens with good work histories and work ethics and hire foreign workers that are unskilled and undereducated. Microsoft, and marriot hotels are just two companies that i remember offhand. on the special the woman from microsoft was let go and replaced by 2 men from a middle eastern country. Microsoft told her they were downsizing and had to eliminate her position. She was the team leader, she has several degree’s in computers, she graduated top of her class, and had a excellent work history. there was no reason to let her go. Except for money. they hired 2 people for the price of one and they were not qualified to do the job. Bill Gates was on Oprah talking about how there is not enough people in the USA that has degrees and is skilled enough to do the jobs. So he is able to use this law to hire unskilled people. Americans are out of work due to this loophole. Another woman at a different company was forced to train her foriegn replacements. With the threat of if she didn’t comply she wouldn’t get her severance package. The two men barely spoke english and they only had high school diplomas. Where is the fairness in that. Don’t just RANT Charles help us make a change people listen to you. Bank of America changed their mind after people got together and stuck together!

  3. David says:

    Does anyone remember the Sports Illustrated magazine cover after the last NBA lockout. It depicted the NBA owners as slave owners on Horse back and the NBA players as unruly, run away slaves being brought back in to the subjection of the NBA owners. It was disgraceful. I hope the players stand their ground. As a fan of the game I would have preferred to see the season underway but, not at the expense of the players dignity. They are men first. They should be respected as such. They generate the revenue because the fans pay to see them, not the fat greedy billionaire owners who sit back and collect an inordinate share of the proceeds.

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