1. Bev says:

    I agree with Reggie and Chuck. This lockout situation could not have come at a more terrible time!! The NBA may have made a mistake here that will cause the NBA to loose a momentum that could never be regained.. People are loosing their jobs, homes, etc. And many people are disgusted at these milionaires who are auguring over who get more millions, and the common fan out here can’t put bread on the table and make ends meet !! Some fans have vowed to never support the NBA again. The situation with LeBron this past year brought millions of fans back to the NBA, and of course millions of dollors, but I think that is lost now. To be honest, I don’t know how this situation will pan out. However I do think the NBA has lost a momentum that may take years to regain, or perhaps never!!!

  2. Mistergent says:

    If your boss came up to you and said your company could no longer survive financially partially due to what he was paying you. If he threatened to close his operations unless something was done to resrtucture your contractual agreement with him, you have very few options. You can “take your talents elswhere” and test the market to see if someone else will pay you the same or better money OR you can listen to what your boss has to say and try your best to do what is best for the company and your your livelihood to survive. This is the situation that the NBA players union finds themselves in this day. They have little or no options as to where they can go and take their tallent. The owners are by no means weak in there negotiation tactics. They have a strong figurehead in Comissioner Stern and they are saying “Enough is Enough”. They are not going to continue business as usual and let the players have the power to just pack up and take their talent elsewhere. While they are drawing up this labor agreement they are nipping that action in the bud. The players of course are saying that once their contract is up with a particular franchise I am free to seek employment with whichever club can give me the best deal. HERE IS THE RUB AND THE STALEMATE. Add to it a disagreement in REVENUE SHARING in a down economy across the nation and I don’t see how we will have a season at all this year. The owners want an agreement that will insure that their business will survive. Players want to continue “business as usual” However business is NOT AS USUAL” These tough economic times dictate the PLAYERS concede in order for their league to survive. Oh their are some tough issues on the table here. Smaller market clubs want to hold on to their talent. Owners say they cannot survive economially under the current revenue sharing agreement. The biggest names in the NBA are just now getting involved in the negotiations when they should have been involved in the process weeks ago.
    Billy Hunter needs to be honest with his players and tell them that the players cannot win this one “at this time”. If the league contracts, that means loss of jobs and membership, but it may take a couple of these insolvent teams off the books. You have to look far down the road with these negotiatons. The owners have time on theirs side in this lockout and many of the players don’t.
    I believe that in the short term the player should CONCEDE FINANCIAL REVENUE SHARE, but in turn RETAIN THE RIGHT TO MOVE TO A DIFFERENT CLUB ONCE THEIR CURRENT CONTRACT EXPIRES. The owners should look at this realisticly and look at their players NOT AS PROPERTY OR POSSESSIONS but as skilled laborers. Lets go guys, put your heads together and SAVE THE NBA. The fans want it and ultimately it is good for the game.

  3. scott says:

    So with these greedy overpaid athletes wanting more, what happens to the hundreds of ‘normal’ employees at the arenas?? They are out of work now. They have families to support, mortgages to pay. Who is paying there lost wages? Are the players or owners helping them? the fans, who provide so much income for the league are being alienated. most of them are made of money. I think the players need to stop being so greedy and get back to reality. I for one am not happy with the greediness and just hope the forgotten employees of the teams and league are being compensated financially.

  4. Bev says:


    I see your point.


  5. Kathy says:

    Just one thing to say. The fans need to strike.

  6. friscokid says:

    This situation is all about greed. I have issues on both sides, but in the end, its the players that play. They should disband, and create another league. They would forgo millions in adverts and tv initially, but that would change. Bring back the ABA, and let’s play basketball. They could sign new networks to cover them, new advertising will always be there. Although the nba has contracts with major networks, and probably would stimie them from getting out…

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