1. Danielle says:

    I want my NBA, this such bull…Are the going to settle soon?

  2. Jarrad says:

    Rock and roll, man. Rock and roll.

  3. Ti Brown says:

    Chuck is the greatest! Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this!!!

  4. Steve says:

    Gotta love that vintage Charles – – I don’t tweet either Charles and you are damn right – – all these tweeters are loosers who cannot find their own way in this life – – learn to think for yourself people and attend to your own life !

    I never tweeted once and don’t plan too either – – I’m too busy running my small business and spending all my free time in the outdoors with my son and teaching him about the world . . . .

  5. Miguel Alfaro says:

    Chuck is the type of dude I would love to get a 5th of any kind of liquor with and just listen to him crack on everything.

  6. michelle says:

    I think its about time that both side start thinking about the fans not their own pockets they both make a ton of money off us THE FANS well they are treating like crap all we want is to watch our teams play and this is what we get? It just seems like they could care less whether the fans are upset or not I have been a Piston fan for a very very long time even my Christmas tree is decorated in Pistons but i am quickly losing faith in my team and the NBA in general they have no cares at all about ending this so they can make the fans happy I mean lets be real we are the ones that buy the tickets we are the ones that buy the merchandise maybe they should re-think who is important in all of this!!!!!!

  7. BJ says:

    I totally agree Charles…tweeting is for losers! Technology is a wonderful thing but c’mon ‘tweet’? Sounds like something little girls would be doing…LOL. Oh, for the record, if I had one wish that I could spend the day with any NBA or NFL players- past or present, you’d be my pick. Now a day with you and Michael Strahan would be a dream come true. This coming from a 51 yr. old white woman…LMAO. I came home from work last night and my hubby told me you had this website (heard on tv), and here I am this morning before I head out again. You’re funny! Your smile brings joy to my heart! I love you! Don’t change a thing Mang!

  8. Darrell McSloy says:

    I hope you will join me in voting for Herman Cain. I believe he will win the nomination and win the presidency

  9. Kiyaman says:

    This 2011 NBA lockout seems to favor the “tweeters” destruction of the NBA.
    Its hard enough to chose a side in the Finals when your team has been knockout of the playoffs.
    Now u want fans to chose a side in this lockout between big-market teams vs small-market teams.
    or players (the product) vs (the employer of product) owners, or hard-cap vs flex-cap vs soft-cap, or 50-50 split vs 53-47 split, or figure out the reason for the previous 57-43 split.
    Im just an average-Joe fan that enjoys the priviledge of odering NBATV, going to live games to sit with stars, wearing my team hat, and the jersey of my favorite player of a sport I love to play and watch.
    As an ole-school person I learned not to standup for the next person financial issues…..one teams garbage player could be the next team treasure player.

  10. I guaranty i can fix ur golfswing in 4 lessons.

  11. hsmith says:


  12. Delon wray says:

    What is wrong w amare he does not demand the ball they dont give it to him, is it the coahes fault help me understand this pls

  13. ruthie says:

    do you think the bulls have a chance of winning the championship?

  14. Mike Min says:

    Charles Barkley I am your greatest fan. Please play this game this game that was made in honor of your immortal presence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F1cOvZ3nS8

    You have awakened the inner potential within all of humanity. I truly believe you have the god-like powers to alter space-time and actively select the fate of not only the milky-way galaxy… but of the whole universe.

    Thank you. God. Im not thanking god. Im thanking Charles Barkley.

  15. lakisha smith says:

    Hey Chuck, r u really leaving on ur own will; or is there a problem w/Shaq(who is no where near as good as u 4 tv)/ or his that he belongs 2!!!

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