Earn Chuck’s Bucks Update! Chuck and his good friend comedian Anthony Anderson recently got together to review some of the lighter contest submissions. From water parks to kiddie pajamas to weight-loss plans, these two read a few of the humorous suggestions and gave us their take.

Isn’t swimming in a pool essentially the same as taking a shower? Charles and Anthony mastermind a plan to help the residents of Leeds, Alabama kill two birds with one water park.


  1. Chris Telles says:

    Hey, when does the public voting start? I though the winner was going to be picked by the public on this website. If I recall correctly when reviewing the instructions for submitting a business plan the winner was going to be announced in September. So what’s the timeline for this contest?

    This is a great opportunity for a small business to get a boost in capital, especially if its a start up, but time is also important. Knowing whether you’re in the running to winning this contest could be helpful for a small business owner.

  2. Ron H. says:

    I am an Inventor of Sports Training Devices, Baseball,Basketball,Football,or any Sport that needs training tools,to improve their ability,agility,and overall performance in their Sport. Prior to a year or so ,I did’nt have the time to commit to these projects.Now I am committed to it fulltime.My top 2 concepts are clear and ready to enter the Patenting process, R&D ,and on to Market.Like most projects,I need financial backing,any financial backing.I have some financial resources in reserve ,in fact have taken half of my personal saving to promote this project.I have some Major corporations that have an interest,but want me to obtain “Total Free and Clear Patents” on these Concepts,thats where I need your financial help.At this point,I only want to obtain the Patent rights ,and possibly license and or Sell a concept with Royalties,with my other 9 concepts I will possibly be able to start “manufacturing” my designs ,and the rest will be History.I am committed ,and with “God’s help,it shall be done,Sincerely Ron Hendricks……………………

  3. Dan B. says:

    Hello sports fans the world over. I have reviewed the 3 finalists business plans and each have their own good merits. It’s surprising though that non of the finalists chosen by Sir Charles (and Co.) had a tangible product. They are all service driven. Having followed the contest since mid August, I presumed there would have been more entries related to consumer goods with mass market appeal. Who knows, Charles could have endorsed a winner with a product that most sports fans wanted and taken in benefits from the commercial side of the business thru royalties. Considering the popularity and influence Charles still has with sports enthusiasts worldwide, this could have been a good opportunity for him had the winner submitted a product that had mass market appeal and transcended cultural boundaries. I was considering my entry on the last day of submission but decided otherwise. The terms stipulated under the rules of submission didn’t sit right with me. So hear I am looking back on what the prospects might have been. Without regret of course. However, it would be a great product to launch with Charles if it were to ever be endorsed by the man himself. For any of you reading this blog and want to know what’s new coming to market that will appeal to every sports fan and/or beach enthusiast, visit the website: http://www.flopeeze.com and comment. Hopefully Charles is reading this blog as well and may want to consider being a spokesperson and partnering up with Flopeeze in a marketing sense with commercial benefits. All comments are welcomed. Enjoy the viewing….DB

    • Chris Telles says:


      I too was a bit disappointed in the final three selections. One entry, in my humble opinion, was worthy while the other two were not. I visited your website and I liked the concept.

      As a beach living consumer (Newport Beach, CA), and father to two athletes, I understand the comfort and convenience aspect of beach and casual sports wear. The Flopeeze is a unique product, but I would like to offer one comment about the product.

      The only draw back I see with the product is the ankle insert hole. I would probably not buy a product that forced me to insert my foot into the product where it was locked into the product. Part of the convenience of flip flops is the easy on/off motion of wearing the flip flop. If at the beach I can walk to the waters edge, get my feet wet or if i choose remove the flip flop before getting wet in one easy motion, if at a pool I can step out of the flip flops hands free and enter. With your product as it exists a process of removal is needed. This comment is based on convenience and ease of use and not on look.

      It might be more convenient and perhaps easier to use if the back strap around the ankle attached through some sort of mechanism e.g. velcro, bungie strap, etc.

      I wish you all the best with your consumer product!

      • Dan B. says:

        Chris, good input. All feedback is positive from my perspective. Thanks! We have looked at many design options for Flopeeze, one of which was the velcro strap option. From a manufacturing angle its much more efficient to mass produce the current design. Yes, it may be a bit more cumbersome to place on your feet compared to flip flops but my research shows that many consumers don’t like flip flops. So they may be more willing to try Flopeeze which provides a better than barefoot feel. More importantly, I am being very careful not to position Flopeeze as a flip flop alternative because it is not. Both have varying attributes and we want to position Flopeeze into a different class of recreational footwear, somewhere between flop flops and sandals for many different market segments. I appreciate your time in responding to the earlier message. If you want to stay in touch with our developments, feel free to get onto our very own blog thru our website. Thanks again for your encouraging words. Dan B.

  4. vicodin says:

    Keep on writing, great job!

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