Earn Chuck’s Bucks Update! Chuck and his good friend comedian Anthony Anderson recently got together to review some of the lighter contest submissions. From water parks to kiddie pajamas to weight-loss plans, these two read a few of the humorous suggestions and gave us their take. Check back every Tuesday for their Earn Chuck’s Bucks review.

It’s never pretty when you shine a black light on a public surface, so germaphobes shouldn’t be the only ones worried about what lurks underfoot in locker rooms and hotel showers. Will consumers be willing to invest in a latex layer of self-defense? Informed by a career on the road, Charles discusses the pros and cons of Shower Socks with Anthony.


  1. anon says:

    This is what flip flops are for lol

  2. What if I can make a website, a gateway for people to shine as citizen journalists? What if I entice people via a journalism-like competition a la reality tv? What if that website will be the morning, evening, weather, sports news of the future? Imagine millions or reporters, connected, telling you about who, what, where, and when – recommending, endorsing, murdering a brand? Imagine. Reporting can be done in any format, video, audio, print, etc.

  3. Bob Jones says:

    Dear Charles,

    My name is Bob Jones. I am starting a Tex Mex Style Homemade Mexican Restaurant in Orlando, Florida with the intent to eventually offer franchises and I am looking for investors. Previously I have owned and managed two very successful Tex Mex style Restaurants. My family’s restaurant was widely regarded as the best of its kind in the area and won numerous awards for its food and enjoyed a loyal following for well over a decade. I expanded this restaurant by opening a 2nd restaurant and then expanding into the retail frozen food market where the food products enjoyed widespread acclaim. While planning the launch of the products into the Canadian market, I was discovered and eventually hired by Thomas J. Lipton Company in Toronto, Canada to develop a line of frozen Mexican Food for them and whose executives recognized the food as being the “Best Mexican food in North America.”

    Ray Scott has been added to the Management Team and brings his extensive talents and experience to the project. Ray is the CEO of The Scott Partnership Architecture (TSPA), Interiors, Graphics, Planning, & Design-Build which has been headquartered in Orlando, Florida since 1985, and remains one of the leading international multi-disciplinary design firms. Ray’s Restaurant design projects include some of the most successful franchise restaurants in the US, such as the Olive Garden and Red Lobster Restaurants.

    The Mexican food being served at restaurants here in Florida is terrible. The difference between what is being served here and what we will serve is significant. The opportunity for success is available to us.
    I have been working on the project for some time and have signed a preliminary lease on a great location. I have a proven system complete with the successful menu, original recipes, training, presentation, marketing and the experience to manage it. I have a business plan that details the project for the next 3 years. What I need now is the money, to implement the plan.

  4. Chelsea Joseph says:

    Oh No, I’m in trouble. Everyone wants something from Charles B. I have nothing to lose….

    My name is Chelsea and I have girlfriend who is one of the sweetest people on the planet. She’s almost 40 and doesn’t drink, smoke, curse, or talk about anything juicy; Except…you. It’s the craziest thing. I’ve known her for 10 years, we lived together for 2 years and you are her favorite person. I understood she was crazy about you but didn’t realize how much until last Sunday night. I asked those in the room “have you ever loved someone you didn’t know”. Her response shocked us all when she said “Charles Barkley”. I’m sure you’re a nice guy…but I knew then I had to at least try to get you to call her send a pic, text anything. I’m from Phx/Fountain Hills and have see you a few times around the Phoenix area. You look nice 🙂 This is the first letter I’ve ever written like this. Not sure I’m doing to well. I promise, I’m a normal, happy, funny, successful regular person. I adore Ada
    and she adores you. If you don’t respond, I get it. Just know she is a great fan….the good non-groupie type. Maybe…. you’ll take a bribe.

  5. Dan B. says:

    Charles/Anthony and sports fans the world over. I have an answer for your Shower Socks. But first, let me say this about the finalists. I have reviewed the 3 finalists business plans and each have their own merits. It’s surprising though that none of the finalists chosen by you have a tangible product. They are all service driven. Having followed the contest since mid August, I presumed there would have been more entries relating to consumer goods with mass market appeal which I would associate Charles with as an ex-pro and all the market appeal you still draw. And considering the popularity and influence your image commands with sports enthusiasts worldwide, your gig should be tied to sports/athletic/leisure related type products that transcends cultural boundaries. As for the Shower Socks, nah…not practical. But what is practical, unique, and universal are Flopeeze! I was considering my entry on the last day of submission but decided otherwise. The terms stipulated under the rules of submission didn’t sit right with me. So hear I am looking back on what the prospects might have been, without regret of course. So for any of you reading this blog and want to know what’s new and better then Shower Socks would have ever been for every sports fan (young or old) and/or beach enthusiast, visit the website: http://www.flopeeze.com. All comments are welcomed. At some point I’ll need to get Charles and Anthony a few pairs of samples. Enjoy the viewing….DB

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