Earn Chuck’s Bucks Update! Chuck and his good friend comedian Anthony Anderson recently got together to review some of the lighter contest submissions. From water parks to kiddie pajamas to weight-loss plans, these two read a few of the humorous suggestions and gave us their take. Check back every Tuesday for their Earn Chuck’s Bucks review.

Who wouldn’t want a head as smooth and shiny as Chuck’s? Charles and Anthony contemplate whether Charles Barkley can become the George Foreman of hair clippers.


  1. Kenny says:

    Charles, I am pretty sure your name is big enough to sale Athletes with Degrees. Check out the about page at http://www.AthleteswithDegreesSuccess.com and listen to what Chuck has to say about student athletes completing their degree. We have an obligation.

  2. MsBevBlack says:

    You guys are hilarious !!!!

  3. Vince says:

    Hmmm…i can see it! But Just because you are bald doesn’t mean is a good idea…on the other hand, if someone was to do it, well Señor Barkley would be an ideal candidate. I see the similarities between “Chuck & George”, as far as charisma and how the are loved by people around the world. At the very least is worth looking into.

    ¡Dream Big, Make it Big!


  5. Leah says:

    I’m dying to know who the finalist are

  6. CBFan says:

    Hey Chuck, you are a hero of mine. You should sign up to be in NBA2K12. They can still add you in.

  7. karma says:

    Hey Charles reading Whos Afraid of A Large Black Man? Good summer read, racism is still prominanant in all types of societies I was at a gym in newport beach california and was listening to a man who is white comment about skin color I like this person pretty but she has fair skin and comments about race ect. like I was a different race only difference he was tan when I relised he was referring to me as a any race for example who has light skin…Luckily the person talking with him was also white and found it offensive.

  8. Adrian says:

    I run a one man screen printing company now. I live in the center of a ski town 2 miles outside of Winter Park Resort. I’ve been working 2 jobs as of late, web maintenance for the winterparkresort.com, playwinterpark.com, and the winterpakhotel.com, the the second was a 1 or 2 color screen printing side business. I have designed screen printing art for Russell Athletics in the past but I never worked with the actual screen printing side of the process. I found it to be extremely easy. The screen printing press I was using belonged to a friend. He has move out of the state recently (taking my investment in the equipment with him). It’s a shame that he left because word of mouth spread and calls started pouring in. There’s a huge selection of people who need affordable screen printing done in this medium sized ski town. We designed and printed shirts for restaurants, softball league teams, music bands, ski shops, and other events/festivals through out last year. Right now I have more than 20 project on hold and the ski season is moving in quickly. The bad (2004) economy hit me hardest and I’ve been scraping and hustling ever since. It seems that every time I get within grasp of the screen printing equipment that I need, something happens, and it cost me money.

    My credit history has been so sporadic due to long spurts of unemployment I would even reject me for a loan. But now I’m a little older, wiser, smarter, and financial stable. I want to take this from under the table before I go any further if you know what I mean. There are 8 shops and 2 restaurants I’m allowed to sell my own apparel plus one that has contracted me for 12 events during this ski season. I know with my credit history, I would be charge some insane interest rate. But the return I’m facing would allow me to repay the loan within 6 months. I have the ability to have the entire operation up and running within less than 2 weeks, with 4 jobs already approved, website included. All orders will be processed on-line through Paypal. A simple business plan is that drafts of the logos/designs will be posted on an unpublished/non-public html page, a link will be email to the client, selecting a draft will be paid for then online into the Paypal account, then the selection of shirts/signs will be chosen on a different page also I live less than a block from the post office. Paypal Business Tools helps keeps track of all my sales, shipping and accounting. A business name, website and account is all ready to be registered but it cost money to make money. And I need at least $5700 for the press and to cover the first 4 major jobs in waiting.

    I have a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration and a major in Animation.
    And I have really bad credit. I hate that I missed the submission date for your contest. But can you help a fellow Alabama brotha out.

  9. larry revels says:

    I want to know is it to late for the business idea? Charles you will love this, hearing that you were into politics at one time. This idea will help the state save millions.

  10. Yo Chuck since when did this business proposition competition become a stand up comedy side show. I dont mean to take the fun out of it, and I appreciate the opportunity but Im callin you out on not sticking to your script buddy! StashCity all day.

  11. G G says:

    My US Patent Concept’s that will help save live. Plus will do well in the market.. Good luck to everyone that entered…

  12. BigTopFive says:

    When will the finalists be announced? You guys aren’t sticking to the timeline which was laid out. $25K can help turn someones idea into a lifetime of success. Please inform us soon. Thank you.

  13. I hope I get picked I have a good idea and I work so at doing what I do everyday on youtube & my website it would mean so much if I was to start my own tech place.

  14. G G says:

    My US Patent Concept’s that will help save live. Plus will do well in the market.. Good luck to everyone that entered…

    First Thous. goes to Walk for Cure Diabetes “Cherie the Cherub Team” Philly

  15. Jonathan says:

    Were finalists picked? If so, why the delay in the web voting online?

    I look forward to voting….but note that the contest seems to be running at least 3 weeks late without any explanation from the contest or from the charlesbarkley.com website.

    • Dave W. says:

      3 weeks is not very long. Many of these business idea’s have been talked about for over 3 decades.

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