Earn Chuck’s Bucks Update!  Chuck and his good friend comedian Anthony Anderson recently got together to review some of the lighter contest submissions. From water parks to kiddie pajamas to weight-loss plans, these two read a few of the humorous suggestions and gave us their take.  Check back every Tuesday for their Earn Chuck’s Bucks review.

Everyone knows start-ups are a big gamble, so why not just hit the casino? In this clip Charles and Anthony discuss some of the feasibility issues regarding an “Earn Chuck’s Bucks” submission entitled: “Charles and Jay’s Super Fun Weekend.” This contestant might have a leg up should the “Barkley’s New BFF” competition ever materialize.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Aren’t finalists supposed to be named right about now?

  2. Myron Wright says:

    Hey Chuck

    I am the quadriplegic football player who submitted a business plan about opening up a licensed sports apparel and merchandise store. I hope you and Anthony take my plan into consideration. Thanks and much love!

  3. chuck thompson says:

    charles do you think allen iverson can help a contender? if yes why do you think no one went after him, if you do not think he can why not?

  4. Simon Bolds says:

    Did I miss the voting, or did I not get selected as a finalist? I would like to know when I can start voting for my plan, if I can?

  5. Vince says:

    About to watch it :•)

  6. Michael Smith says:

    Hey Mr Barkley i wanna WIN your cash to re open my restaurnt please review my APP for THE Original Dog House Coney Island!! I have a business plan a great potential location please consider my family And I AS WINners of THE Cash!! Thanks!!!

  7. Hey Chuck! I’ve been working hard on my searchdat.com website trying to add content while developing the social networking functionality . I’m also adding a section dedicated for movie reviews and writing code to pull in data from Rotten Tomatoes API. The “blurbs” on the site now are just examples to give new visitors an idea of what the site is all about. Once I start promoting the site and people start to post/blurb their version of the news it could become a pretty cool site idea. The media exposure and the 25grand from Chuck’s Bucks would do the trick 🙂 However, I think you’ve already picked the winners, or at least that’s what the rules say. Either way I’m going to continue to work on my site because I believe in myself and know I can pull it off. Check out the last blurb with the picture of my boy Oren chilling with 50 cent! I’ll keep checking the site. Thanks again Chuck! You the man!

  8. Benz says:

    The suspense is killing ME!

  9. robert leffingwell says:

    so who are the finalists. id like to know if i made the top 3. id really love to open a dog rescue center in my area to hep out the abused dogs

  10. Bronson Pennington says:

    I think that my family idea for the jazz club in our area is a amazing idea the reason being is we have nothing around here like it and i think it appeals to many different people and age groups. Me myself only being 18 years old i think it would be something that i even would like to do and I know my friends would.

  11. G Gamble says:


    Checking on voting. My proposal was for saving live, which their no price. If I don’t win, would like to show you these life saving concepts, that I have develop and patent.
    Take it easy on SHAQ this year.

  12. anon says:

    Guys, stop posting your ideas. Not saying anyone here would do this, but you never know if/when someone will lurk the comments and just take your ideas.

    • Pizzle says:

      I’m already in the works of getting that Barkley Express joint patented. Catch me on the cover of Forbes sucku’s.

  13. Pizzle says:

    What’s the deal here? You have a lot of fans waiting in anticipation to find out who the finalists are (if you ever even selected them). Aren’t they supposed to be posted for voting by now? How’s this for a business idea – The Round Mound of Punctuality.
    Bill Lambier’s “Earn Bill’s Bucks” went off without any issues as scheduled. I guess you can expect that kind of accountability from a two-time champion.

    • Hollie-Maria says:

      I don’t remember any Bill’s Bucks competition. Then again, Barkley is soo popular and he probably received 10 times the entries that he was anticipating. I think this has thrown everyone for a loop so right now all we can do is sit tight and wait.

  14. Bruce says:

    “History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”

    Bertie Charles Forbes
    1880-1954, Financial Journalist, Author and founder of Forbes Magazine

  15. Derrick Parker says:

    I’m waiting patiently to find out who the finalist are.
    Once again thanks Sir Charles for your generosity.
    Chef Dnice
    Derrick Parker

  16. wayland taylor says:

    Mr Barkley,I am an avid basketball fan and sort of an historian of the game. My question to you is that in the late 60’s a ball player by the name of Hal Greer shot free throws using a jump shot. My question to you is this,can a jump shot be used to make free throws in today’s game. I would appreciate an answer from you.

  17. Vince says:

    Spending a weekend with the “Chuckster” while blowing 25k sounds like a reality show, that would probably be pretty fun to watch but it would piss a lot of people off ! Especially if you are doing it every weekend :•) would be interesting tho…people love reality shows.

    ¡Dream Big, Make it Big!

    • Hollie-Maria says:

      Hiya Vince,
      I really like your reality show idea! I not only would want to watch it but I’d be first in line to sign up! How ’bout you?

      • Vince says:

        Thanks for the feedback Hollie! And yes, It would be interesting to spend a weekend with El Señor Barkley and afterwards watch myself! :•) Stay positive!!

  18. Margaret says:

    Am wondering whether my request for funding for a clinic for underserved children (kids without insurance) made the final cut or not. These kids are “falling through the cracks” of our current health care system.

  19. wayne says:

    thank God for chuck and his bucks good luck!

  20. G G says:

    My US Patent Concept’s that will help save live. Plus will do well in the market.. Good luck to everyone that entered…
    Have a proto type,

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