1. Kenny says:

    Checking daily my friend. This site is also helping me to learn some spanish words. Thx

  2. vince says:

    Of course! Is the least I can do for motivating & inspiring me, now I’m a body-in-motion!!! Regardless of the outcome, I’m better because of this opportunity. How you ask? Well, I’ve taken the necessary steps towards making the plan of the business a realization :•) So you see by simply having a chance to win, everyone who submitted a business plan has done a very important thing…which is to take action!!!!! Thank you very much Señor Barkley and have a great musical day!

    ¡Dream Big, Make it Big!

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  4. Mann Straughtet says:

    I am checking daily, this will be an opportunity of a life time. Good luck to all.

  5. Keisher Weekes says:

    I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity to make my voice heard. Thanks again Chuck for coming up with such a brilliant contest. Still waiting patiently to view the finalists. Thanks again, and best of luck to all the entrants!

  6. MsBevBlack says:

    I am hoping to be the winner. And of course I cast my vote for myself.


  7. Sir Charles, thank you for such a brilliant idea and assisting worthwhile causes in getting a break in the entreprenuerial arena.

  8. Martin A says:

    Great stuff! Glad to see there’s many keeping an eye on this. Wanted to extend a formal thanks to the amusing Chuck Mr. Barkley, one of the greatest basketball players of all times, for doing this. Thank you on behalf of all of us the night and weekend entrepreneurs, those visionaries who are trying to excel and fight back after each failure… Please believe and keep in mind that with every “no” you are closer to the “yes”! With every failure you are closer to success!

  9. Bruce says:

    Just checking for the finalists. I’m thinking the 15th is the day they will reveal the finalists.

  10. Paul Howell says:

    I hope it’s me.

  11. Joanne Wagner says:

    This is a great opportunity and generous offer. I am looking for the finalists and hope to be among them. I am anxious to vote for Builder’s Rental Properties as soon as possible !!! That’s me!

    • Lucyna Czuba says:

      I would love to see Builder’s Rental Properties win this contest. They are innovative and their business will be greatly appreciated in the community.

  12. Joanne Wagner says:

    Builder’s Rental Properties has solid ideas and a good plan. They are looking to be among the finalists.

    • Joanne Wagner says:

      I’m checking in to see how the competition is going. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I am grateful to be in the running. Many terrific comments. I hope to be one of the finalists. Waiting to hear.

  13. Mike says:

    Good Luck Everyone!!! its coming down to the wire

  14. Joanne Wagner says:

    Thanks you, gracias, grazzi!! This is a wonderful opportunity that you have afforded everyone. I appreciate your generousity and consideration for others.

  15. Checkout our basketball/mentoring/tutoring program located in the city of Compton.

  16. CJ says:

    Am I too late to earn the 25,000 I had the best idea ever…

  17. Checking daily. Good luck to everybody.


  18. Derrick Parker says:

    First I’d like to thank Sir Charles for considering to help aspiring business owners it shows that you are truly a genuinely caring, giving and selfless human that wants to help others succeed. Sweet’s Tantalizing Ribs and Chicken promises to bring the absolute Freshess and delicious smoked barbequed Menu in the (DMV) this has been a dream of mine for at least ten years. I appreciate the opportunity and when my dream becomes a reality Ribs are on Me Sir Charles!
    Chef Derrick Parker

  19. Derrick Parker says:

    The gesture is great that’s Hall of Fame material!

  20. Ken Pennington says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone and would like to thank Mr. Barkley. My brother, my son and myself have dreamed of opening our own jazz club and restaurant called the “Blue Bayou” in our community and are hopeful of this being the start. Thanks to everyone who may vote for us. Ken P.

  21. Darrel H says:

    Hey Chuck, First of all I would like to thank you for this great opportunity. I know there are some other good ideas submitted, I believe mine has the potential to grow into something BIG! I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully I’ll be one of the finalist. Good luck to everyone and thanks again Sir Charles!!!

  22. Any day now. Patience is a virtue. While waiting, please check out my site http://www.wristelite.com. The site is still a work in progress, but I’d love to hear your opinion about the concept.

  23. Michael Smith says:

    Mr. Barkley please consider The Original Dog House Coney Island for your WIN CHUCKS BUCKS Contest!!! We have some skin in the Game and need a little help to continue to bless this Vision!!! We have the BEST Hot Dogs in America we just need the working capital to continue our success!!! Please be that blessing !! Thank you Mr Barkley.Hot Dogs for the whole TNT staff!!!

  24. Ken Pennington says:

    Still waiting anxiously for the voting to begin; we have visions of the best jazz club in the midwest and this could be the beginning. Thanks.

  25. Hello Sir Charles and thank you very much for the chance to help better my visions. Since I last enter the contest things have changed for my book (The Path I Had to Walk) By Raven; nI am currently trying to find another publisher. Brighton Publishing and I could not see eye to eye and I have too start over with everything. I could really use this becasue my book can change the lives of many dealing with child abuse. God Bless you for giving back.

  26. bobby lee williams B.L.W.) says:

    BLESS a kid who’s been ROUBLED ALL his life!!

  27. Hey Chuck!.. First I wanna thank you for giving common people with big dreams an opportunity to start a business. With our society being the way it is today opportunity is far and few! Help us realize our dream to support, uplift and educate people suffering from Chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Heart disease and Diabetes. I’m a type 2 Diabetic and I’m living with pain everyday, but by keeping a positive approach and changing my life style I’m able to live a full and productive life. We want the message L.I.V.E which stands for “Live In Victory Everyday” to be the motto that people live by. We wanna give back to not only charity but our community and kids as well, if we’re blessed to win this money it would be EPIC! Please check out my site http://www.hbhliveapparel.com Again thanks for the opportunity Sir Charles!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you please say a few words on Coach Robertson, and thank you so much for attending his service.

    Could you also point out other players you saw who were able to make it to Ruston to attend the funeral. I know that meant alot to the family.

    I just think it was great that you were there. My two boys attended the service and called home to say, “Dad, I sat five feet from Charles Barkley”. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

  29. Sir Charles,
    I respectfully ask that you and your staff carefully consider the business plan submitted by Dr. Evelyn Bethune regarding Racing for Education. I believe you will have real and personal interest in expanding NASCAR into the African-American and Hispanic markets for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to at risk youths.
    We would love to see you on the track here in Daytona.

  30. Jack Greening says:

    Hi Charles, I would like to thank you for the chance to jump start my Co.and start getting families back into homes.
    With the money’s I win, my business, Jack’s ‘ Secure Pocket T’s, Tank’s and Polo’s’…llc it will provide the funds to get some families off the streets and into a place to call home upfont for them. And then they will manufacture my product inside the comfort of thier new home. They will make enough income to relax for a while.
    We will also be going through my Bank to locate families on the verge of losing their homes due to unemployment and offer to pay the note upfront for them. And they too will be able to work from their home as well. The process is really simple and most people will be comfortable putting my product together.
    I see the chance of this snowballing across America and helping many, many people. Let’s DO this Charles!!
    Thank’s again,

    • Jack Greening says:

      Hey Charles and Co. Did I mention that when you pick my Co. that the Bus. Plan you recieved allows them to make $10.00 hr.to start with room for improvement? Not to mention what they will make in the sales end of it if they choose.
      I also found a way to save money on equipment to buy more materiel’s. America need’s more plan’s like this. Way too many people scratching their head’s right now wondering what to do.
      And what size shirt do you wear Charles? Wanna make sure you look good as ‘Alway’s’!
      Besides, you won’t want nothing falling out of your pocket when mixing it up when you do.

  31. Adrian Diaz says:

    Dear Mr Barkley and team,
    It’s safe to say that most of the people who have commented here have put a lot of effort and hope in their small business proposal for this contest, and after a week of waiting, I humbly ask for a quick update on the process in determining the finalists. There are so many amazing business ideas here, we are all waiting glued to our computer screens for the results.

    Thank you sincerely,


    • Jen B. says:

      Well said Adrian. I think a lot of people are anxiously awaiting (including me), so a quick update would be great!

      Thanks Mr. Barkley for giving small businesses an opportunity to grow.

      (Another) Contestant

  32. Manuel Montoya says:

    Muchas Gracias Charles por compartir nuestros sueños, suerte a todos!!!

  33. I don’t know if I will be selected to win the 25,000 but at least I tried my best to explain what it is that I do and what I hope to do more in the future with it as I hope that I win. I could do a lot with 25.000 doing what I do especially on my website has always been my dream since I was 8 yrs old.

  34. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know when voting will begin? (Did I miss it?)

  35. dave says:

    have worked about all my life wanted to retire at an age i could still go into business and prosper what i have learned through the years and perfected and in many cases developed and put into place for customers and friends has worked successfully and still in operation today with modification my product is valuable in many industrial fields was told today i was over qualified to wash cars at the business i applied for work 22 months unemployed no check since janury2011 pawned and sold and give plasma to feed myself and two sons and today the bank assured me that with out a job the 17k i need to survive just is impossible they didnt ask when they toook our money and many people are not aware of the huge secret bailout the banks got from the gov. i no longr believe in anyone saying we can help there is nothing for anyone rich millionaire politicions are going to understand about eviction hunger utility disconect which will be me tomorrow i dont think so . so who ever wins great i cant take it any more you know i wore my uniform with pride and i love the flag my president is trying its like hes battling an unruly kindergarten class so long im bailing

  36. Jack Greening says:

    Tick,Tock. Tick,Tock. Tick,Tock. Is it time to pick yet?? lol

  37. Carmella Holmes says:

    Sir Chuck!! Round Mound of Rebound!!! I pray that I will be congratulated with being the winner for your Chuck Buck $25K!!! As stated in my business plan, this will give us the great opprotunity to safe my son’s home due to heim having to stop working due to kidney failure. I believe this will put things back on the road to victory!! Respectfully yours, Carmella- Sir Charles Fan!!

  38. Chuck T says:

    where we allowed to upload pics……etc of the idea or just the business plan wanting to know!

  39. Joanne Wagner says:

    Checking on progress and staying in touch. I continue to work on my business. It is a great idea and I believe it will work. The help would be great, however; I will get it done.

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